Thursday, August 23, 2012

Maxi Miami

What I am wearing - maxi dress: Old Navy; bag: Calypso for Target; flats: Montego Bay for Payless; Beaded necklace: Colaba Causeway, Mumbai, India; Earrings: Shoppers Stop, India; Ring: F21; Sunnies: Tory Burch; Watch: Swatch;
Cuff: Vegas street shopping

I never really dared to buy a maxi dress for me. I wore maxi skirts, but maxi dresses somehow put me off, blame it on the body-hugging jersey material  or dresses that fit wrongly. My fear of wearing maxi dresses couldn’t simply be overcome up until this spring – inspiration overload from fashion blogs and pretty spring collection in ‘Old Navy’.  Add to the fact that I had 60-hr work week, I as living all by myself so weekends were mostly spent at the mall...and I gave into buying this colorful n comfy maxi dress.

I love that it’s comes in a great material, dark color, empire waist fit, ruffles, and lovely floral print at the bottom and plus great price too. Sometimes Old Navy just does that to me; it gives me a trendy outfit at a great prices. I saved this one of its kind dress for our trip to Miami.

Miami is a happy place to earth; you forget your worries, indulge in the cool beachy breeze, people frolicking around, window shopping, more beaches and water, watersports, sunny (always!) and the lively atmosphere in the night. Nothing could bring me down here!
We spent a 3 days in Miami (long weekend) and it is just the perfect get away from your daily humdrum. Tickets to fly into Miami are expensive though and so is the hotel stay. We actually flew into a near airport – Fort Lauderdale – and booked a hotel near the Miami airport

Travel Tip – booking hotels near any airport is cheaper than in the downtown or other city areas, plus you get to stay at a good n upscale hotel with great amenities, get to watch flights landing/taking off (I am a sucker for that!), and save dollars! We were gonna rent a car anyways, so the distance from the main attractions in Miami didn’t matter.

If you are in Miami a stroll in the Deco district, a day at South Beach and a trip to Key West or any of the closer Keys is highly recommended (Key Largo is pretty close to Miami).
And of course a visit to the famous and the best, best bar cum club cum restaurant in town – Mango Tropical Bar!! The live performances are just top-notch, the lighting, d├ęcor, drinks…I am in a happy place! Food n drinks r lil expensive, but hey you are on a vacay, u deserve it! I just didn’t want to leave this bar..

well, so much for one post of my travel to the party capital of USA...more in my next outfit-cum-travel post.

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Unknown said...

cool ashy.. looks like you enjoyed a lot :)

ThefashionFlite said...

I loved this look, and u look super hot, I am glad that u invested in one Ashwini, it looks so flattering on u !The yellow and turquoise touch is the icing on top ! Hope u made a lot of heads turn in Miami? hahah !

Unknown said...

The color of the dress is so rich.. and love the yellow beads on the neck! Fashion is all about going out of your comfort zone.. and good you did that :) You look hot!

Juneli said...

Ohhhh, that maxi dress is so pretty on you Ashy, good that you ultimately bought it! You are all over the country, girl! Seems like Miami was too much fun!
Juneli from Fashionably Yours

Pink Jasmine Blog said...

Wish I can go to Miami soon.. Overall a perfect chic maxi look and I closely match to your color selection . You look lovely Ashy.
Facebook -
Twitter -

Mehak said...

Loving the maxi look on you...!! Thanks for the tips for Miami.. We have been wanting to go there for long.. But the expensive tickets and hotel prices really hold us bak... But i guess we can look into the suggestions and plan a trip soon..


Nicole said...

Looks great with a perfect backdrop! Stopping by from WIWW.

Rupa said...

It is a beautiful maxi dress! Really beautiful....Too good!

ashy said...

thanks PT, indeed it was a fun trip!

ashy said...

hahah..i wish that too, i hope i did ;)
thanks for the lovely words dear!

ashy said...

thanks ritika, im glad my experiment with fashion was a success :)

ashy said...

hehehe..yeah this summer we went from coast to coast :) Miami is a fun place, i wudnt mind going for a weekend one more time!

ashy said...

thanks Shilpi, yeah u shud def try to visit Miami wen ur in the US

ashy said...

thanks Mehak, ping me nytime :)

ashy said...

thanks Nicole :)

ashy said...

thanks Rupa, ur soo sweet :)

Eshna said...

Found u thru stylepile. Love what I see.

Following u :) Check out my blog,my b u cn follow me bk :-D


Project Curve said...

you look wonderful..primary reason why i didn't wear them as well..that's why i love blogging and bloggers so much

do drop by

Raj Thandhi @Pink Chai Style said...

Love this maxi dress! I tried it on twice at Old Navy and didn't get it, when I finally went back for it they were sold out of my size! It looks very nice on you:)

Pink Chai Style

ashy said...

Eshna - thanks for the kind words, will def visit ur space

Songbird - i knw right! fashion blogs have totally changed my beliefs

Pink chai Raj - thanks lady

Unknown said...

Such a beautiful look! Great dress doll! Lovely blog… I adore it!
Follow each other on Bloglovin / GFC? Let me know in the comments... I will be more than happy to follow you back!

Nidhi Mahajan said...

I LOVE everything about this outfit! The colour of the dress, the floral print, the accessories! And you look absolutely adorable.

Following you.

❤ A Pretty Little Mess

Unknown said...

I am in live with what you are wearing. Im having holiday cravings now.

Love, Sindhu

Magali Vaz said...

Thank you for your visit to my blog. You're seriously rocking the maxi dress. I haven't worn maxi anything & really want to get a hold of something, but it's not very practical in Mumbai especially during monsoons. :) Love the nail color too.
Miami looks like a lovely place, all the images of Miami in my head are from the TV show Burn Notice, one of my favorites.

Fashion babel said...

following you now!:)
feel free to follow back if you aalready didn't!

Rekha said...

wow so cool and wonderful..

StylishByNature said...

What a beautiful maxi !! Love your nails too :)


SJ said...

love the maxi,, nice print detailing!! and those nails look awesome.

Unknown said...

Gotta love the nails!!! :)

Nitika Bhatia said...

that's a lovely maxi dress.. nd I liked your nail paint :D
International Giveaway at my blog -
PS- Drop by my blog sometime and let me know if you follow me, I'll love to follow you back ! :)

My Unfinished Life said...

good that u overcame ur mental block on maxi dress....i have yet to!!

that is a lovely maxi dress!! and u definitely look likeu are enjoying yourself....and the nails colors are groovy :)

ashy said...

thank you all for your kind words

Anonymous said...

I'm in love with maxi dresses as well. Check it out here:

Ahh, I miss old Navy and Target.
I wish they had an outlet in India.


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