Wednesday, August 8, 2012

SoCal - Day One

Hey readers, hope you are doing good! How am I doing, you ask? Fantabulous, Superb, On cloud number 9!!
If you have been following my tweets it would be quite evident that I passed my road test!! yes! yes! yes! I earned my 'Drivers Licence' finally and it arrived last Saturday!! I was sorta nervous during my road test, but all went well by God's grace and now I am a certified driver :) It feels exhilarating, and I feel this surge of confidence running all through me :D J and I are holding on to the celebratory dinner; once the meat and alcohol ban is up, I am gonna head out to the 'Hoggersland' :D

well, back to blogging, I have decided to start out a series of posts to cover my trip last month to SoCal (Southern California). Its been ages I covered anything on the Travel aspect and so this series will be more of travel and of course some of Fashion too!

It was my long time dream/travel goal to visit the southern California - Los Angeles and San Diego, two of the most gorgeous cities, full of life and sunny beaches. J and I spent 5 days in all - 2 in San Diego and 3 in Los Angeles. Starting off with LA, at the heart of Hollywood with glitz and glam to the max, the first day was well spent visiting the Chinese Theater, Kodak Theater (renamed now to Dolby Theater), hunted down open parking lots to get a perfect view of the Hollywood sign (oh yeah! that was super important for me) and in general spent some time doing my fav activity of people-watching. You get to see all types of people in Hollywood. I gotta admit though, after some time, I was done with the crowd; I just wanted to put my feet up, sip wine and relax (well, blame it on the 6 hour flight from US east coast to the west).

Well, that's exactly what we did - we had reservations to one of the (highly recommended!) fine dining spots - Cleo. The decor is fab, the crowd is typical Hollywood glam and the food is mind-blowing. Everything is tapas style (works best for dining out as a couple) and so innovative. We had chicken kebabs, grilled and stuffed Shishito peppers, red pepper hummus, roasted cauliflower and then one more round of the succulent chicken kebabs.
Word of caution - never plan any high energy activities on the first day you arrive especially if you are reaching your destination mid day or after that.

I wore this summer dress that I bought last year (!!) and never got to wear it (does that happen with you too?) So finally out it came for the much -awaited LA trip. What better place to show off your best outfits that Hollywood, right? Also, dresses are easy to pack, just one piece and you are done.
I bought the leather boat shoes specially for this trip 'cause I was sorta wary of all the walking in this trip. And well, they are the best walking shoes ever! and oh so cute. Love the tan color, goes well with any/every outfit.

aah, did I crib about the traffic in LA!! if you visit LA, let me warn you, you will be spending more time in your car on a six lane highway than any touristy places. So stock up on music, food, drinks and interesting topics to chat, 'cause you are gonna need them dearly, oh so dearly!

Summer Dress - Jones New York via DressBarn
Summer cardigan - GAP Outlet
Beads jewelry - street shopping in Puerto Rico
Aviators - Tory Burch
Tan boat shoes - Aldo
Cuff - Kate Spade New York (Budday gift from J)
Watch - Michael Kors Womens Chronograph (Gift from parents)
Bag - Coach

@ The Hollywood Walk of Fame 


Inside the Kodak aka Dolby Theatre

J an I enjoying a drink at Cleo

Left - Posing with the Hollywood Sign, Right - Chinese Theatre
Linking for 'WIWW' (What I wore Wednesday) at Transatlantic blonde and The Pleated Poppy


Indianbeautie said...

Congratulations on passing your road test:

Mehak said...

Looks like you had your share of LA fun and also tasted the sweet LA traffic!! hahah!!

We were in hollywood highland 2 days ago... :) :)

The dress looks fab on you

and last but not the least....
CONGRATULATIONS.. You are a certified driver now!! :)


Kimberly said...

Love the blue its so pretty on you.

R.Punitha said...

Hi Ashy ,

Congratulations for getting the driving licence:)

Be safe and Enjoy Safe Dear:)

Unknown said...

congrats ashy for passing the road test :)

Sharena C. said...

such an adorable look!

Juneli said...

That dress is so pretty Ashy, and looks amazing with the pink accents! Well, can you believe I haven't yet been to California! We need to plan a trip real soon!
Juneli from Fashionably Yours

RaeAbigael said...

super love your outfit! gorgeous style :)

visit my blog?
and if you like it, feel free to click that follow button pretty! ^^)

Unknown said...

Lovely dress - but I REALLY dig your accessories! The CUFF bracelet and the necklace and the watch - SO FAB! This outfit would be PERFECT for the NEON link-up I'm hosting! It's my first time hosting a link-up, and I hope you stop by!

DOUBLE DOG DARE Fashion Link Up: Summer of NEON! Win a PRIZE!

-Daisy Nguyen from PS BANANAS fashion blog:

DrVitthalK said...

excelle,nt write-up on different topics, liked your interesting travel n fashion covreage, seems good support from jitu, keep it up..!

Unknown said...

so cute it...amazing pictures!
would you like to follow each other?
xoxo Ewa

ThefashionFlite said...

u look happy and fab ! And congrats for ur licence. I got mine on my eighteenth birthday,though but never regretted it once coz u get so independent. We live in a country where traffic is a chaos on road,and for evn a steps of 200 meters we prefer to drive.

Sandra Vázquez said...

you look great! :)

Shubhi said...

You do Look super-happy ashy! And pretty too!:)
Congrats on passing the test, and i am waiting for Shravan to get over too!(thats why you have your ban on don't you?;)
I love that pink-and-white bangle on your arm!!

Thankyou for your sweet comment, it was a pure matter of chance I got to go! My friend is a CA at a company that sponsors the LFW:)

Following you on twitter now!

Shubhi's Revels!

Shubhi'sRevels! on Facebook

Rachana Shah said...

I super-loved your dress!! Its floral, chick and has lots of flair that would make me wana go round n round and do some salsa moves!! And you won't believe it but I have shoes in that colour! It was love at first sight for me. Now I am gona buy a dress for those shoes and thanks to you i now know exactly what to buy :)

DrVitthalK said...

Congrats on getting driving permit, thats a great achievement.....good luck ahead........!

Catalina said...

Thanks for stopping by City and Burbs! Congrats on your driving test :), I had to take the test three times before I got mine 15 years ago, ha! Great bright outfit, I'm loving the boat shoes :).

Take care,
Catalina @ City and Burbs

Jess said...

Love your dress and so glad you had a great time! The dress I wore on my birthday I've had for a really long time and just had never worn, so it happens to me too! :)

Jess - J's Style

Allison said...

Welcome to LA! So glad that you're having fun!
A's Fashion Files

Rupa said...

Love your cardigan and that amazing bracelet!

Heather said...

Your dress is so gorgeous - you look so pretty! I love your pink accents too :)


Juneli said...

Thanks Ashy, for your lovely comment!
Juneli from Fashionably Yours

Melaina25 said...

Congrats on passing your test!!!

Transatlantic Blonde

ashy said...

thank you everyone, I am glad that I am a certified driver nw :)

Ileana said...

Great pics :D Congrats on passing the exam! :) I do not know how to drive :S

Anonymous said...

I miss Los Angeles!!
I did my schooling there and finally came to India a few years ago!
I'm glad you enjoyed your trip to Cali
And yes, I'll be following your blog too ^_^

Unknown said...

love ur blog !! :)


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