Friday, July 20, 2012

Filmy Friday - 4

I would say it was another disastrous week for me, managed to catch a couple of Indian flicks and they were just average!
I watched the recent releases - Cocktail and Teri Meri kahaani
First up, Cocktail – And it was a very impulse decision to go watch it in the theatres (boring-weekend bug had bit us, I guess) The trailer looked promising here...a story of youthful n vibrant trio and their 21st century story. 

But alas! nothing‘s 21st century when it comes to Bollywood story lines – they just like to go back to their cocoon of known and gheesa-peeta (dunno a better English word for this) themes and endings.

The film started out ok (abrupt scenes, no real character development or background). I am not even sure how Diana’s character decides to go home with a stranger (Deepika) just after their first meeting in a restroom of a random diner. I wish they would just have spent more time on Diana’s character a bit. When you showcase the background/history, why only show the main hero's. I mean Deepika makes references to her family but they don’t even turn up when she’s battling for life n death in the hospital! Strange is life and so are our films!

The start was rather wishy-washy of some random scenes, but it went ok till the interval. Boman as Saif’s mama (maternal uncle) was a great character – I mean thank God! He wasn’t cast again as the hero’s father. I felt Dimple Kapadia, as Saif’s mother, had some reminiscence from Abhishek’s mom’s character from Dostana (played by Kiron Kher). But then Dimple’s version was much toned down and classy ;))

Saif was ok in some parts and ridiculous and childish in other. He was shown trotting around with some really cool jackets. So guess I had something to focus on while getting bored!
Deepika’s makeup was top notch, acting was ok, guess I was more attracted to her clothes, eye makeup and gait. Kudos to her stylist and makeup artist!
Diana Penty is a revelation, the gal acts well, looks good n is tall – wat more do we want in an actress! Well let’s hope it wasn’t the first film charm.

Overall cocktail was plain A-ok. I some how compared it to Zindagi na milegi dobara. It was a very chic movie, good actors, great locales, based in modern mindset – but somehow the character development was complete. I never felt like I had to ponder over unanswered questions or loose threads. 
I suggest watch cocktail when it’s official DVD print is available or when it comes on TV.

I am not doing such an elaborate review for Teri Meri Kahaani – ‘cause it was quite average and boring to watch online so I pity the people who went to watch it in the theatres.
Teri meri kahaani had a good theme – couples are meant to be together in every janam (birth). And guess I truly believe it too for some reason. The movie started from a 1960’s couple in Bombay then moved to 2012 couple in London n then again went back to 1910’s couple in Lahore before partition.
All the couples were played by Shahid-Priyanka.
Acting wise there was nothing to complain. Shahid n Priyanka are top notch actors, n they know what they are doing. I loved to see the 1960s Bombay, that part of the story was my fav! The 2012 couple story was boring for some reason and the 1910 one just dragged on for eternity. 
Can u believe each era in the movie had 2 songs!! I mean really! Why lose focus of the story and have random naach-gaana? Why waste time and the audience attention on such frivolous things, just make clean concise and a smart movie and showcase your point?
The climax was a mish-mash of the three love stories – tad confusing sometimes.

I am drained reviewing these average movies, so I will just leave you with a good trailer:)
Son of Sardaar - excited to see Juhi Chawla!

I liked this video on 'Breast Cancer Awareness in India' and thought of sharing with you. The video is done very sensitively and is directed by Zoya Akhtar. It features Shahid, Arjun Rampal, Abhay Deol, Farhan Akhtar and Ranbir Kapoor talking about the women in their life. 
I do feel there needs to be more awareness in India about Breast Cancer and I support this cause!

Anyhow, back to reality - its Friday again ! So let ‘relax, unwind and chill’ be the mantra of the hour ;))
Have a great weekend y'all!

P.S. Next up – outfit post (it’s been long since I did an outfit post here, and I am missing it already. Did you miss it too? ;))


Mehak said...

Looks like m not gonna be watching ny hindi movies this weekend!! Lolz..

Anyways i love your previous post. A little suggestion for the fireplace ipicked up while watching the same channel you watched.. :p try putting up a victorian kinda mirror it will attract light and brighten it up!! I hope you like it...


R.Punitha said...

Hi Ashy ,

Interesting Ashy :))

Keep on Dear..

Carla said...

I find bollywood movies interesting. I should check out some of these flicks. Anyway cant wait to see ur upcoming outfit post.

Xo, Carla

noraaradi said...

Followed you back on GFC :)

Amanda said...

Great Blog. I follow your Blog now.
Please follow me.

Purvi said...

Cocktail for me was all about good music and amazing outfits and styling :) :)
You have got a nice blog by the way :)

ashy said...

ya u bet, stay away from hindi movies ;)
thanks for the lovely words Mehak, happy that you liked it! hehe u r addicted to HGTV too huh? thats a great suggestion Mehak. for now I have the wall cloth hanging above the fireplace, but I am sure i will be bored soon so finding a victorian wall mirror will be definitely on my list :)

ashy said...

thanks Punitha :)

ashy said...

hey Carla, if u need a list of good bollywood movies I can surely email you those :)
and now a days you have them on Netflix (in the US) too, so easy to catch up with them. thank u, cant wait to do an outfit post :)

ashy said...

thanks Nora :)

ashy said...

thank u Amanda, I will surely check out ur blog

ashy said...

thank u Purvi! ya true, music n styling were top notch :)
will be visiting ur space soon!

Ayantika said...

loved the post ! I saw cocktail and found it cliche !
And, I am your 50th chalo..I made the half century ;)


Bong's Belleza

little luxury list said...

Thanks for the reviews - at least I know not to catch them! Priyanka is lovely though!

Chic 'n Cheap Living

Anonymous said...

Haha! :D
Thank God I didn't go for both. I was spared the torture! :D
Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog! :*
Love! :*
Trippin' on Fashion.

bonbon said...

Bolliwood movies are so fascinating to me. My brother lived in India and I went and visited him and we saw a few and it was just so foreign and yet so interesting to me. I love that you watch them here in the states. Just found your blog and have loved getting to know you better. I look forward to following along!

new follower :)

ashy said...

hehe welcome to my 50th follower :)

ashy said...

haha..ur welcome, yeah priyanka - i love!

ashy said...

np Apoorva!

ashy said...

hey bonbon, wow good to hear that u r interested in bollywood :)
yeah, nowadays all the B-town movies are shown in the states, so get to catch them ..i will be visiting your space soon


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