Thursday, July 19, 2012

More colors in my home

Continuing from the home décor series here, I am back with some more decor things I added to our place. 
Lately, we (J and I) have been watching a couple of home decoration series on HGTV (man, is it addictive or what!) and now we are completely smitten and haunted by the idea of decorating our place such that – “it suits our character”! 
Add to the fact that, I have more time on my hand and we are starting from scratch at this new place, we have become very (read extremely) picky about the décor pieces we want to add to our home.
So after careful deliberation and long long talks about how each piece will represent us in every small way, I present to you another series of summer add-ons!
(Note: HGTV is a TV channel in the US dedicated to all aspects of home - from buying to selling to decorating and everything in between!)

First up, an embroidered and artistic wall cloth hanging that we picked on our trip to Jaipur, Rajasthan (located in North India) this year. I love the fact that it is so colorful and so intricately done; it adorns the wall over the fire place. 
Note - I always wanted something that defines from where we are - India. This wall decor does complete justice to that fact!

Cheery yellow again; the flowers and the brass metal pot are from our old apt décor, and they just aptly fit in here (nooo, I swear, we are not on a freaking-yellow spree ;) )

So I am 'not' completely in love with the ‘fireplace’ in the living room – only only ‘cause it’s in a really weird place in the living room. I always feel that place could have been used for something much better. But anyhow, moving on, this is how sparked up the gloomy fireplace with more flowers. I have put my own twist on it. Do you think it’s a single flower pot there?

Go Green – yes that’s the theme! I have never,I mean never, had a green bed sheet, green pillow, or anything green for the bedroom. So when I – actually both me and J :P – spotted this greeny green bed sheet set in IKEA, we were totally bonkers! And then we found these striped duvet cover and pillow covers – so perfect, just like match made in heaven. Nothing like a cool crisp new bed sheet and pillow covers, sight to behol’ and relax on to ;)

No words to describe this – it was the perfect contemporary art piece for the living room! Vibrant color palette, flowery and clear lines - it was like love at first sight for J and me. Dang!! It right went with us home and hung itself above the sofa! 
Note - J and I love contemporary art and this art piece suits the bill!

Last piece ladies and gentlemen, is very elegant – never owned anything like this one. Stunning tri-colored work of glass art. We picked this from trip to West Virginia (WV). I love the fact that its a piece from local art in WV. 
I actually liked it for the mantle above the fireplace, but I think it looks better against the pristine white background of the side table. In the night when the side table lamp glows, it looks stunning with the red, orange, yellow, clear glass color tones and the glass ripples. 
Note - we love individual and original pieces and local art - this glass vase is a perfect marriage of these two qualities.

How do you decorate your home? Do you look for any particular theme/color? 

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Designwali said...

digging that rajasthani wall hanging....

ashy said...

thank you :)

Raliat Oyinlola said...

Love all the colorful pieces, they instantly transform any space...:)

Anonymous said...

Love this post, so many great colours! I totally have that ikea lamp on my bedside table too!


20 YORK STREET said...

Love the print!

Colours are great to show character in your home. For us, he was in charge of the decorating so it's very masculine!


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Naty Michele said...

pretty pieces! thanks for the comment on my blog! followed you back :)

Chezka Cenon Li said...

Oh the pieces are wonderful! I especially adore the wall cloth, so many beautiful colors :)

Ang Lam said...

The wall cloth is so beautiful!!!!

neha said...

Totally in love with the glass piece from WV..

Kavita Sahu said...

I'm very obsessed about my room. I have always wanted to re-design it. But being unemployed is sure a problem. I don't have money and can't ask my dad for everything. But well, once I start earning Re-designing my room will be the first thing I'll do.. :) Loved your post and ideas. I especially loved that wall cloth idea... Instantly adds life to your room...
Great going.
Love much and kisses,

Rekha said...

wow so beautiful and lovely...

noraaradi said...

Nice things! Followed you on bloglovin , maybe follow me back?

ashy said...

thank u ladies, it feels great to be loved back :)
for new readers, I will be visiting your space definitely

Ruchita said...

WOW you have such a beautiful blog... I ma visiting for the first time and loved it.... From now on count me as one of the fan of ur blog:)

ashy said...

thanks a lot Ruchita!! so nice of you :)
i will be visiting your space soon


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