Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Neon Green and print

Hey friends, so howass your long weekend?? ooh ya baby, it was a long weeeeekend!!
so for people outside US, we had a Monday off for Memorial day and also marked the official start of summer..well atleast our apt community pool opened so we can officialy say …SUMMER'S HERE, folks!!! hope you all had a grt n memorable time this weekend.
Well our long weekend started off with J taking off early from work (yay!!)..we headed out to our fav thai restaurant and hogged on thai curry and drunken noodles like there's no tomorrow..hehe. I gotta say the 'drunken noodles' are becoming my absolute favourite thing to have these days..
so well with tummies full we took a stroll in our cute little downtown and indulged in some window shopping (or maybe shopping – ya, got a fedora hat to complete my 'long weekend trip' look and that too on a superb deal..score!!!)

This is what I wore on a very summery Friday eve..the top is more of neon green in person though it looks lime green in pics. Also, digging the layered necklace look, it kinda took me sometime to warm up to the layered necklace, but it really adds a zing to a plain tee/top and oh ya ..so does the brown vest on the skirt-tee combo..;) 
do you like this combo - neon green with a printed skirt?

The pictures are iphone quality ..bt i promise to take better pictures the next time J
Top - Ann Taylor
Brown Vest – JC Penney
Skirt – Max (India)
Three-tier necklace – Loft
Sandals – JC Penney
Bag – Target

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Shopping bag

yes my very own shopping bag..and the best part is – its online exclusive! Yep only to be found online to satisfy my shopping cravings..guilt free, free, free!!! Muahahaha J J

so starting off at one my fav stores – Drum roll please!!!!!!- wait for it……’Old Navy’ Now the best thing about old navy is frugal shopping, totally guilt free yay! But then again not all clothes fit me, suit me, and sometimes you need to layer yourself with camis (‘cause of the c-through materials). But nevertheless Old navy is very competent in getting all the in-vogue clothes, shoes and accessories in affordable prices. So I do indulge in shopping there for pieces that have comparable quality and priced ok. Things that I can load up on and which ok to bulk on since they get used a lot. Things like camis, tees, slip ons and oh ya workout gear. Old navy makes good looking and grt quality workout gear and swim wear too.

so heres presenting you my first online window shopping experience ..hope you enjoy it!

I am on a spree to colorize my wardrobe (did I just invent a new word there now J) nyways, love the pop of yellow color in this top, bt I can see that I should be ready to layer it under with a cami

Mint green—ooh aahhh..love the color again

Never ever owned an off-shoulder top and it looks purrfect for summer!

This striped zig zag print is rocking or wat!!

Done with tops, moving on to dresses – I picked this dress ‘cause it looks oh-so-retro. I wonder though if it will fit me

Welcome Mint green once more!! On da bottoms..yay! colored denims are so in this season and I don’t know where my real denims are ( I mean the blue ones) haven’t seen them for so long, have they left the town ..muhahaha..i wish they have ‘cause I am in so much deep love with colored denims..aah ok, back to reality now, so ya mint green is on my dream list! (so you can see, I can go on and on and on about colored denims ..:P)

Love the patterned scarf ..will add an accent to a plain tee or a dress.

Again pop of color, peeps!

And now to the workout gear! Both have great back support and the front straps look stronger.

Its summer and I don’t shop for beach wear, naaaat et aaal paasible :D
Dig the color of this cover up (just need that bod ;)..

I really really like flip flops with a bit of heel height. They had some chic-ness and comfortability, flats don’t give a really arch support but some heel height is comfortable, and makes the complete outfit             s-t-y-l-i-s-h.

So that’s the end folks, hope you loved shopping with me at Old Navy. So tell me, do you window shop online? What are your favorite stores? what are your shopping tips?

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Date night and restaurant review - Carrabba's

The title says it all! J and I went out for a date night after a really long time (well the perks of being married, I say!) we spent the whole day getting things straight in the house (read, DE cluttering, setting up furniture, vacuuming) Basically all activities when you move in a new place and have put on hold for quite some time ..well, till you are tired of the procrastination itself J

after a pretty hectic day at home there is not an ounce of energy to step in the kitchen and cook/microwave up a pack of Maggi (read:  instant noodles) and when you have had such an energy zapping day Maggi jus did not sound so appetizing (no offense Maggi, I still love you damn much)
But yeah, I did have some energy left to put an outfit together (give my boring jeans/slacks a break) and head out.

We had some stuff to return in good ol’ Target, so once that was out of the way we headed out to a new Italian chain restaurant – Carrabba’s. New I say ‘cause it was nowhere to be seen in the great New England region. Well and that Carrabba’s was just across Target also helped in our decision to pick a restaurant for date night.

overall I would give Carrabba’s 4 stars here – special mention to the service (now it was a weekday night so turnaround time was exceptional, and wait staff was extra attentive and catering to our needs)
Ambience was decent enough – very much Italian or so – old pictures of Italian men, women and children hanging above each booth, dim lighting and choice of both table or booth sitting (though I found the lighting more dimmer than in olive garden). We stepped in arnd 8pm and the restaurant wasn’t crowded much. There was a bar area and one end of the restaurant that was pretty much crowded given that a match was playing on one of the LCDs

The server was funny chap. He suggested us great drinks that we oh-so-loved!! There..he earned his tip-brownie-points. I got a Peach sangria by glass and J got an iced tea that was spiked up. While waiting for food, we gorged on on-the-house bread with garlic and herb olive oil – delish!

We started off with an app (or antipasti as the Italians put it) – Shrimp Scampi – it was a delectable shrimp cooked to perfection in garlicy butter sauce with some parsley for garnish – aah!! the sauce was so divine, and smooth and silky. Love to start off with shrimps, they are so light and don’t fill you up instantly. For main course we got a Sicilian chicken soup and we shared and entrĂ©e – Mezzaluna – ravioli filled with tender ground chicken, spinach and fresh ricotta cheese served in a creamy tomato sauce. Loved the dish and the fact that the sauce was not overpowering with tomatoey (tangy) taste or cheese.

Finished our meal with a delectable Tiramisu. I go by the saying – ‘when in an Italian restaurant, do eat the Tiramisu’. It really speaks bounds of how Italian they are ;) and yes the Tiramisu was light, flavoured with coffee and topped with shaved chocolate, chocolate sauce and cocoa powder. I just loved the fact that they skipped on the whipped cream part – it just becomes heavy and dilutes the main dish.
Well out and out a very memorable and not-so-light on calories meal – but hey we did our part by sharing the apps, appetizer and desert! Now how much more can you skip on calories when in Italy….oops I mean Italian restaurant..haha!

And, Eureka!!I think I have found my secret to mixing prints now - printed skirts and striped tees are made for each other. Add a scarf if it’s a lil cool, which it was that eve.
Top - Old Navy 
Scarf - H&M
Belt & Skirt - NY & Company
Shoes - Audrey Brooke - DSW
I wanted to keep the two prints in center and so did not go heavy on accessories. 

What are your tips for mixing prints? How do you spend your date nights? Any favorite hang out spots  or dishes? I would love to know.

Until next time, as they say in Italy – Grazie ‘n Ciao J

Yum Tiramisu - Carrabba's

Thursday, May 17, 2012

New Place, New World

Hi there peeps, how you been? hope alls well with ya..are you excited for summer!!
well, starting a blog was always on the top of my to-do list since we moved to virginia last month. I always dreamt of the day I would start writing posts on my blog,  share pictures, receipes and funny anecdotes..but once i had the first introductory post out there, it took sometime for me to get down to writing an actual post - or for that matter start blogging full time.
the first one month of move seems blurred to me now - weekdays were spent brooding around and maybe unpacking boxes one or two at a time ( I must admit i kinda have been lazy about unpacking - procastination is a devil :P) and weekend were spent hunting for furniture, both online and in store, looking up ideas to decorate the blah walls of the rental apt (think: wall painting and/or wall stenciling) and yes ofcourse visiting places - well locally for that matter. we spent couple of weekends exploring the new area - both DC suburbs and Reston area .
I am impressed the way our sweet lil town has a big blown town center - u name the shops/restaurants and we have it here - right from an Apple store to high end clothing stores to steak houses, coffee places, and bars. This has just made sure that we dont miss our good ol' city life (read: Boston life).
well, I am just glad I am out of the painful process of packing-moving-unpacking-setting up new furniture (yeah, we got stuff from ikea, right from sofa to bed to dresser - man-o-man is setting up furniture a pain or wat!!).
well last but not the least, the best part is here, decorating the new place. I am putting a spin of traditional desi decor items mixed with items to match our personality. hopefully I dont end up muddled and clutter up our place. I will try to put up house pics once i am done.

for now, this is What I Wore on our day trip to Georgetown - an interesting neighbourhood in DC with century old architecture and young club-trotting crowd.
it also had a riverside promenade that somewhat resembled the Bandra bandstand (I am sure people from Mumbai can identify with me closely)
Thank god for the coloured jeans, I did not look out of place while in Georgetown - almost every other girl on the streets was rocking the trend of coloured jeans/coloured shorts :)

by the CandO (Chesapeake and Ohio) Canal 
Fountains galore at the Georgetown riverside park

thats spring bloom for you!!
Top - JCPenney
Red jeans - New York and Company
Sea green sling bag - eEienne aigner at DSW
Jewelry - gift from a friend
Watch - Anne Klein
Slip on sandals - Catwalk, India


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