Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Shopping bag

yes my very own shopping bag..and the best part is – its online exclusive! Yep only to be found online to satisfy my shopping cravings..guilt free, free, free!!! Muahahaha J J

so starting off at one my fav stores – Drum roll please!!!!!!- wait for it……’Old Navy’ Now the best thing about old navy is frugal shopping, totally guilt free yay! But then again not all clothes fit me, suit me, and sometimes you need to layer yourself with camis (‘cause of the c-through materials). But nevertheless Old navy is very competent in getting all the in-vogue clothes, shoes and accessories in affordable prices. So I do indulge in shopping there for pieces that have comparable quality and priced ok. Things that I can load up on and which ok to bulk on since they get used a lot. Things like camis, tees, slip ons and oh ya workout gear. Old navy makes good looking and grt quality workout gear and swim wear too.

so heres presenting you my first online window shopping experience ..hope you enjoy it!

I am on a spree to colorize my wardrobe (did I just invent a new word there now J) nyways, love the pop of yellow color in this top, bt I can see that I should be ready to layer it under with a cami

Mint green—ooh the color again

Never ever owned an off-shoulder top and it looks purrfect for summer!

This striped zig zag print is rocking or wat!!

Done with tops, moving on to dresses – I picked this dress ‘cause it looks oh-so-retro. I wonder though if it will fit me

Welcome Mint green once more!! On da bottoms..yay! colored denims are so in this season and I don’t know where my real denims are ( I mean the blue ones) haven’t seen them for so long, have they left the town ..muhahaha..i wish they have ‘cause I am in so much deep love with colored denims..aah ok, back to reality now, so ya mint green is on my dream list! (so you can see, I can go on and on and on about colored denims ..:P)

Love the patterned scarf ..will add an accent to a plain tee or a dress.

Again pop of color, peeps!

And now to the workout gear! Both have great back support and the front straps look stronger.

Its summer and I don’t shop for beach wear, naaaat et aaal paasible :D
Dig the color of this cover up (just need that bod ;)..

I really really like flip flops with a bit of heel height. They had some chic-ness and comfortability, flats don’t give a really arch support but some heel height is comfortable, and makes the complete outfit             s-t-y-l-i-s-h.

So that’s the end folks, hope you loved shopping with me at Old Navy. So tell me, do you window shop online? What are your favorite stores? what are your shopping tips?


Anonymous said...

Just love this vivid description of your window shopping experience, keep it up!!

ashy said...

thank you :)


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