Thursday, May 17, 2012

New Place, New World

Hi there peeps, how you been? hope alls well with ya..are you excited for summer!!
well, starting a blog was always on the top of my to-do list since we moved to virginia last month. I always dreamt of the day I would start writing posts on my blog,  share pictures, receipes and funny anecdotes..but once i had the first introductory post out there, it took sometime for me to get down to writing an actual post - or for that matter start blogging full time.
the first one month of move seems blurred to me now - weekdays were spent brooding around and maybe unpacking boxes one or two at a time ( I must admit i kinda have been lazy about unpacking - procastination is a devil :P) and weekend were spent hunting for furniture, both online and in store, looking up ideas to decorate the blah walls of the rental apt (think: wall painting and/or wall stenciling) and yes ofcourse visiting places - well locally for that matter. we spent couple of weekends exploring the new area - both DC suburbs and Reston area .
I am impressed the way our sweet lil town has a big blown town center - u name the shops/restaurants and we have it here - right from an Apple store to high end clothing stores to steak houses, coffee places, and bars. This has just made sure that we dont miss our good ol' city life (read: Boston life).
well, I am just glad I am out of the painful process of packing-moving-unpacking-setting up new furniture (yeah, we got stuff from ikea, right from sofa to bed to dresser - man-o-man is setting up furniture a pain or wat!!).
well last but not the least, the best part is here, decorating the new place. I am putting a spin of traditional desi decor items mixed with items to match our personality. hopefully I dont end up muddled and clutter up our place. I will try to put up house pics once i am done.

for now, this is What I Wore on our day trip to Georgetown - an interesting neighbourhood in DC with century old architecture and young club-trotting crowd.
it also had a riverside promenade that somewhat resembled the Bandra bandstand (I am sure people from Mumbai can identify with me closely)
Thank god for the coloured jeans, I did not look out of place while in Georgetown - almost every other girl on the streets was rocking the trend of coloured jeans/coloured shorts :)

by the CandO (Chesapeake and Ohio) Canal 
Fountains galore at the Georgetown riverside park

thats spring bloom for you!!
Top - JCPenney
Red jeans - New York and Company
Sea green sling bag - eEienne aigner at DSW
Jewelry - gift from a friend
Watch - Anne Klein
Slip on sandals - Catwalk, India

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