Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Neon Green and print

Hey friends, so howass your long weekend?? ooh ya baby, it was a long weeeeekend!!
so for people outside US, we had a Monday off for Memorial day and also marked the official start of summer..well atleast our apt community pool opened so we can officialy say …SUMMER'S HERE, folks!!! hope you all had a grt n memorable time this weekend.
Well our long weekend started off with J taking off early from work (yay!!)..we headed out to our fav thai restaurant and hogged on thai curry and drunken noodles like there's no tomorrow..hehe. I gotta say the 'drunken noodles' are becoming my absolute favourite thing to have these days..
so well with tummies full we took a stroll in our cute little downtown and indulged in some window shopping (or maybe shopping – ya, got a fedora hat to complete my 'long weekend trip' look and that too on a superb deal..score!!!)

This is what I wore on a very summery Friday eve..the top is more of neon green in person though it looks lime green in pics. Also, digging the layered necklace look, it kinda took me sometime to warm up to the layered necklace, but it really adds a zing to a plain tee/top and oh ya ..so does the brown vest on the skirt-tee combo..;) 
do you like this combo - neon green with a printed skirt?

The pictures are iphone quality ..bt i promise to take better pictures the next time J
Top - Ann Taylor
Brown Vest – JC Penney
Skirt – Max (India)
Three-tier necklace – Loft
Sandals – JC Penney
Bag – Target

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