Friday, July 6, 2012

Back on track

Aaah!! it feels just great to be back home and back on track..after a really long (read 5 days) vacation. I have come to realize that ‘HOME’ is but a warm fuzzy feeling full of comfort. Nothing against traveling or vacationing, but after a certain point you look forward to coming back home..having a bowl/plate of your favorite comfort food, watching tv in the night and lazying on the comfy couch..just do the normal humdrum and it just feels right to do just that for some time.

We took a red-eye from LA n so we were home early morning. In evidently I took a day off to get over from the vacay hangover and well you can imagine, J was supremely jealous!! He managed to catch some winks and then had to head to the office. Well, for me.. I did just what I said above. I had a bowl of desi comfort food – aka daal rice with some pickles n spicy shev (I was too lazy even to get a papad in microwave), made myself comtable on the sofa and watched a couple of chic flicks. Perfect afternoon I must say! So from now on this can be termed as the ‘Ultimate remedy for vacay hangover’. Unpacked bags, laundry, and everything else will have to wait for its turn.

While on vacation I managed to keep a tab on some of fav blogs. Well, I realized I was late to post the 4th of July outfits, but nonetheless very much inspired from J from J's everyday fashion I have got three outfits from my wardrobe. July 4th outfits is nothing but putting together an outfit based on red, blue and white colors. I actually feel that it’s such a classic combo that it doesn’t have to be July4th to don that.

Well, did you dress up for 4th of July festivities/BBQ/outings? and which one of these 3 outfits is your fav? Do share your tips and feedback.

Outfit 1:
Red striped Top: Tommy Hilfiger outlet
Butterfly necklace & Blue shorts: H&M
Fedora hat: Francesca’s
Tan boat shoes (not seen in picture): Aldo
Watch: Husband’s Casio EDIFICE Chronograph
Glasses: Vogue (Pearle Vision)
Iphone cover: Kate Spade New York Agenda iphone 4 case

 Outfit 2:
Red denims: NY and Company (as seen here and here and here)
Blue striped tee: Gap
fringed necklace: Sears
chunky watch: Anne Klein
patent pumps: Payless

Outfit 3 is what I would wear to office in the July 4 spirit. I toned down the look with black belt n wedges (you could also wear them with black pumps) and yeah I went again low on accessories. I usually don't prefer a whole lot of accessories at work, its not comfy for me when I am working, typing away emails or on calls. I do wear a pretty necklace and earrings and def a great watch befitting the dress but no bracelets or rings for me at work. I mean business, serious business B-)

Red striped shirt: H&M
navy blue skirt: Banana Republic Factory Outlet 
Belt: NY and Company
Black wedges: Aldo

P.S. Thank you very much to all the lovely ladies at IN-FB. You took time to review my Black and White remix outfit and left such lovely comments.. *I am honored*

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