Saturday, June 30, 2012

TV shopping

Another challenge/Remix from IN-FB and exciting as ever…Black and White! There are infinite possibilities with this combo pants, white pants, dresses, scarves, bags..OMG the list goes on and on! It was pure madness when I sat down to think about a look for this challenge. Well, but I had sorta decided the guidelines for this challenge for myself - pair items that were never worn before or even items that were never paired before. So there it was now, much simpler and focused.

With the criteria narrowed down, I decided to go with my new purchase black tiered chiffon skirt that I shopped on TV. Yes you got it right, shopped on TV!! Well ok, I bought it online but I was TV shopping for sure on a network called ‘HSN’. I discovered HSN I think sometime last year while flipping through channels, and since then I have been switching to HSN on and off. But since the down time (got off the work grind) I could watch some of their interesting shows and this is where I spotted this skirt. I was looking for one and decided to take the plunge – looked it up online and ordered it to be shipped to our new apartment in Virginia (well I was in between shifting to our new place, but I was not going to let go of such a good deal:)) I was happy with the skirt when it arrived, it fit me great, and I can already see it worn 100 different ways. It is definitely - a wardrobe essential! It was not trans-p so no needs-of-the-skirts-slips ;)

I went with the skirt and my fav polka dot blouse n black vest. Polka dot blouse/top is another wardrobe essential – who doesn’t love polka dots, man!! I threw in some accents with a cute red wristlet and red pumps. For jewelry, I went neutral with silver n white. 

The black skirt was a catch, and it’s a boon on those days of summer – when you are too lazy (or busy) to shave/wax but hell, you don’t want to miss out the fun of wearing skirts!! ;)

Well peoples, what do you think of this look? Do share your tips for dressing up a black skirt.

Tiered Black skirt - Antthony Design Originals via HSN
Polka dot blouse - H&M
black vest - NY and Company
Red wristlet - Shoppers stop
Jewelry - local boutique
Watch - Casio (Husband's)
Ring - Inorbit, India
Red pumps - Kelly & Katie, DSW
Glasses - Burberry


Unknown said...

Love the look!

∞ © ∞

ashy said...

thanks Tanvii n INFB..means a lot coming from you :)

Janey said...

What a cute look! and you have such a lovely smile too :)


Kavita Sahu said...

I love your top so much... polka dots are my first love always.. I've inherited this love from my Mom... mind to follow each other??

Ayantika said... sport this black & white trend in a lovely way..loved the polka dots :)

Bong's Belleza

Pink Jasmine Blog said...

Love the simplicity of this look.

ashy said...

thank u soo much Janey! you are soo sweet :)

ashy said...

thanks Kavita, yeah polka dots are just soo versatile and ever-green. thanks for the link, will check out your blog

ashy said...

thanks Ayantika, the IN-FB remix challenge just pushed my brains to be more creative :)

ashy said...

thank u Shilpi, I left the black n white to do the talking and went low on accessorizing.

Madhu4u said...

i liked dis a lot...10 on 10......polka dotted is my all time favourite and u have gelled it up all so welll

ashy said...

polka dots r my fav too!thanks for the lovely words dear


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