Friday, June 8, 2012

Filmy Friday! -1

Yep, Fridays I am gonna ramble on about the fav of my fav topics – Films, movies, cinema..the place where dreams are made larger than life!!

Ok so first to the movies that I caught up on at home – watched this year’s Oscar nominations! Ya ya, it’s like 4 months late now, but what the heck! I at least have the time to watch them this year (thanks to my break from 9-6 workdays) 
I was on a movie marathon – watched the George Clooney starrer ‘the Descendants’, Martin Scorsese‘s - ‘Hugo’ and Steven Spielberg’s -The Adventures of Tintin’.
I must admit with such high names riding on the movies, they were definitely a great watch and that to at home, rolled up on the couch on a sleepy summer afternoon...aaaah!

‘The Descendants’ was a tad emotional and Clooney in a never-seen-before role; there was drama, tears and some fun moments too. It reminded me of the time I spent with my dad as a kid, so beautiful, innocent and made my heart all fuzzy n nostalgic..*wiping of a tear* - so if ur looking for a fun tp movie, this will not be ur pick ..this is a movie when you are by urself and ready for some brooding

Hugo – was magical ..wat beautiful cinematography , each frame of the movie is top class and what mind-blowing acting by the young actors. It’s a story based in Paris (one of my fav places) about an orphan and his will and dream to continue the work of his father on the automaton (it looked like a diff name for robot)..i would highly recommend watching this movie.

And lastly, the Adventures of Tintin…I didn’t know what or who tintin was ..never ever read his comics ever – of which J was very surprised ( he is an avid reader of tintin since childhood). The movie was tooo coool..words are short for the animation ..what camera angles!! Superb! I don’t want to say anything more but that it’s a definitely a must watch guys!! And one dialogue has stuck with me…
TinTin: how’s your thirst for adventure, Captain?
Captain: Unquenchable TinTin!!

So this is what I watched last week..well, what I am looking forward to is bolly flick – Shanghai. It has good star cast and is a Dibakar Banerjee (khosla ka ghosla, love sex aur dhokha and oye luck luck oye fame) direction. So very high hopes from this one.

On the amrikan side, I watched dictator and the battleship in the theatres ..i enjoyed both of 
these. Dictator was fun, humor filled but crass in some parts. Sacha baren cohen is too good!! Battleship (it’s a Rihanna starrer) was engaging – not top class, but entertaining.

'Ufff,Bahut filmy ho gaya' (too much of ‘Film talk’)..what movies are you waiting to catch up with? Any good movies you watched recently? And are you filmy like me ;))

Have a great weekend,

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