Friday, June 22, 2012

Filmy Friday - 2

I took a brk last week from ‘Filmy Friday’ (busy packing for our weekend trip to West Viriginia) and now I am back with a bang!

This Friday is gonna be busy for me (again!!), friends coming over and I have planned a chaaat spread of crunchy but not-so-filling sev-batata-puri and then hot feisty paav-bhaaaji..with dollops of butter and crisp buttery paav, and of course some accompaniments with salad, cukes and fresh slices of lemons..n then finish off the meal with yummy goodness of fried dough soaked in rosy sugary syrup…yes friends, GULAB JAMUNS  indeed!! The best part is that GJs are already done and soaking in their hot bath of I shud say the difficult part is over!!
I just need to prep for main course n apps so I gotta hurry up and finish this post and get back to my cooking and mixing masalas n cutting veggies ..haha

Well, I caught up with ‘Snow white and the Huntsman’ with my girlfriends last week – 

My review - it’s a interesting spin on the classic story we all know from our childhood but for me it was a so-so movie..Charlize Theron really really lights up the screen with her strong presence..i gotta admit I was actually smitten by the witch queen than snow white herself..I am not a fan of Kristen Stewart and I don’t think there were any major dhaasu (kick-ass) dialogues to her credit..she was lets say ..blehh!!

Though the movie was a let down I enjoyed being out with my girlfriends for a movie night, n popcorns..and wat better that it was a weekday (need some breath of fun in the humdrum) and, and was a 6$ movie night at the theatre..I would say score!!!!

Over on the Bollywood side, I watched ‘Aarakshan’ at home (ofcourse!!). 

Movie review – it was too long, but I didn’t mind it ‘cause I was surfing net for inspirations, working on my blog and also online window shopping..when you have so many things going on, I didn’t mind Aarakshan going on in the background ..haha! It was actually perfect :)

Deepika acted very well in certain parts only! AB was good as ever, Saif was okish..n worst was Prateik Babbar ..i was disappointed there, he has done really well in Dhobhi Ghat and this movie was a total shocker and a blotch on his career..story wise it did start off with its tag line – reservation system based on castes but lost the steam I think almost half way down the the end I didn’t even think it was a fight about reservation or caste system, just a fight between a good vs evil (as usual)

Which new movies did you watch? Im looking fwd to ‘Ferrari ki sawari’ and ‘Madagascar 3’..Hope I can catch up with them, will keep u posted, until then have a fun-tastic weekend!


Gayatri said...

Sev batata puri and pav bhaji! Sounds delicious. Chaat is my weakness!

ashy said...

ditto n it was the perfect menu for friday nite entertaining :)
P.S. thanks for visiting my blog :)


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