Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Beat the Heat!

Heylosss there is officially the first of summer here in the States aka Summer Solstice and hell yeah does it feel like one!! its scorching, raging, freakiiinggg 34 degrees C (93F) outside (I cant stress enough the heat of the heat!!) I am running the AC in full speed and well, that’s also making me kinda drowsy now. aaah..the side effects of ‘stay-at-home-on-a-sunny-afternoon’ phenomenon. 

Its officially impossible-eeaayyy to step outside the house, so here I am ...typing away my first-day-of-summer-post. To 'beat the heat' (and of course my laziness blues), I made this citrusy concoction with bitter, sweet n salty notes…watttt u didn’t get it yet?? Duhhh ..its good ol’ limeade aka nimbu pani in Hindi..

Its quick recipe for a refreshing drink with no side-effects..hmm or lets say, it may lead to an exceptionally good mood!! It the best remedy for heat-beaten soul …hmm, well then there r margaritas that come in the big bowl-shaped glasses (*drooling*), but that’s another story for a time when I have a company to enjoy..for now lets stick to talking about safe n harmless (and mayb one side-effect) limeades J

So heres to summer, scorching heat, exponentially growin’ AC bills, shorts, skirts and many more such limeades …I am working on writing up the recipe (brrr, its complicated than actually making the drink..I am the trial-n-error sorta cook) so hoping to have it out soon in another post.

Well peoplesss, today is officially the longest day of summer too so have fun, go out, chillax-n-relax, enjoy an al-fresco lunch/dinner/drink or just laze around at home.. ‘cause well days r gonna get shorter after this ..(#fact, #winter)

Wat are your remedies to beat the heat? Do share your most-fav-drink of all times….

Until next time,


Mehak said...

Heyy.. Would love to join you for a lemonade!! Yum yum!! Reminds me of Indian summers!!!

The exfoliation concotion you asked for consists of ground coffee,sugar and olive oil... It does wonders for the skin and smells divine!!! :)


Gayatri said...

I love summer so I don't mind the heat, humidity and high AC bills at all. I've survived Chicago's winter thrice so I know for sure that I prefer summer. One thing I do to beat the heat is drink lots of water and vegetable juices. I also keep make up to a minimum and wear lots of sunscreen.

ashy said...

thanks Mehak, i'd say cme on over :)) ya nimbu pani n indian summers go hand-in-hand. lately though, i m feeling too much of a craving for lemonades. the home-madey mixture sounds grt, i knew sugar n olive oil were good for the skin, coffee was the surprise element i must say!

ashy said...

ya, me too Gayatri..i love my summers! living in boston sorta made me realize there imp and i can totally identify with u. but lately its getting too hot here (i guess living in boston has turned off my immunity to heat :)) thanks for the tips, drinking lots of water is always on my to-do list :)


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