Saturday, November 24, 2012

The Bauble Necklace

I have to admit, statement necklace were not my thing. I mean I was fond of them (on others of course!) but the statement accessory just seemed like a lot of fashion risk. I just probably had one statement necklace until recently and that too shopped from the by lanes of Colaba Causeway. Nothing too expensive or fancy-shmancy.

Of lately, (read - since I started my blog) I have given into trying out statement accessories - taking in inspiration from my favorite fashionistas in the virtual world. And one of the many experiments was – The Bauble/Bubble necklace. The original ‘Jcrew’ version at a freaking $$$ price, so frugalist that I am, I found myself an ‘easy on the pocket’ version of the same on a deals website – Groopdealz. My version cost me around 20 bucks.

My first time wearing the bauble necklace was definitely to go the 'tried-and-tested' way; i.e. to balance out the colors in the outfit. The necklace paired like a 'match-made-in-fashion-heaven' with my GAP colored denims; the neutral striped top completed the look.

There are so many outfits - office to casual, work to weekends - that can be styled around the bauble necklace. You can definitely buy the original version of jcrew or revert to ebay/amazon for much cheaper version. I believe you these days could also find two tone bauble necklaces too.

So my two cents after taking this fashion risk – go ahead indulge on the bauble necklace. Because the day you wear it, I promise you, you will receive compliments left and right :)

What I am wearing: Striped top (worn here) - ESPRIT Factory Outlet; Colored denims: GAP;
Jute Bag - Target; bauble necklace - Groopdealz; similar necklace here
Blue stud earrings - picked up on a trip to a Jewelry factory store in Bangkok;
Tan boat shoes - Aldo; Watch - Anne Klein @ Nordstorm;
White Flower Ring - Inorbit Mall, Vashi, India; Glasses - Burberry

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P.S. Groopdealz is an awesome deals website especially for fashion accessories - statement necklaces, earrings, bracelets, scarves, etc. The quality of items has been great but the shipping process is tad long. But since I have been in no hurry to receive the items, these deals have worked for me. You can check out the website here 


StylishByNature said...

Love this look from top to toe Ashy :)

Sonshu said...

Okay, firstly I think this is one of your best looks ever. The entire thing suits you so well and I definitely think you should wear statement necklaces often because they look like they were made for you. Second; the last picture is so surreal that I feel like jumping into the picture right away.

Over all, what a lovely post :D


Shubhi said...

Aye pretty lady, the bauble necklace and the striped top, along with pictures on a fab autumn background, make this post oh so amazing!!
Last pic is so nice i feel like rushing into your arms:P

As for the plans, you have a new DM on twitter!

Shubhi's Revels!

Mitha Komala said...

lovely top and necklace dear! you look chic and beautiful xx

Letters To Juliet

Indianbeautie said...

I am loving this bauble necklace. It is definitely my thing. The autumn background is beautiful. You look very pretty.

Anupriya DG said...

Oh! That bauble necklace is worth every penny & more! I don't know why you never thought of wearing statement necklace have done full justice to it, my dear! :)

And I fully agree with Sonshu about that last's awesome!

Unknown said...

omg i felt exactly the same..i never wore statement necklaces before starting my i can't get enough of them. i am def thinking of buying the bauble necklace..i like the color you are sporting..

Rupa said...

Its a nice statement necklace Ashwini....You should wear them more often. also, you look like a child in the last pic, a happy child :)

Unknown said...

wow you look amazing!! great post

D O U B L E - P I Z Z A Z Z

Francesca Giusti said...

love this necklace and also your blog! It's so nice!!! I follow you!
Pass to my blog and if it likes you follow me too, I will be so glad :D

TaNuja said...

The Bubble necklace is so good :) this is something that would change your entire look and mood :) You look superb and stylish :)

By the way... thankyou for the nice comment on my blog post. :)

Love <3
Tanuja :)

Heather said...

I just love that your necklace matches your pants - and the stripes pull it all together so well! You look amazing dear!

Pearls & Paws

The Style Cocktail said...

The Necklace is super awesome. Love it!

Smita said...

Great pictures and totally love the fall background!
Amazing outfit...
Maybe you have the time to check out our new post - Winter Essentials you'll love

Regards - Chic Factor Team

Urban Mantra said...

This statement necklace looks great on you! Love the last picture in particular! Thanks for sharing with us about Groopdealz! I'm definitely going to visit it now! :)


Unknown said...

I am actually still afraid of these statements necklaces. They are soooo big!

I really like them, especially since you get them in so many different colours and they look so pretty, but I always fear that I won't be able to carry them off. :(

I love how you have paired the bauble necklace with your denims. It simply brings the entire outfit together and also doesn't look over-the-top. Best look ever!

Denisa said...

You look so nice. Perfect necklace. Would you like to follow each other via bloglovin? Have a nice day.


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