Saturday, November 17, 2012

Diwali night

So Diwali is almost over! Yeah. Almost. 'cause I have one more Diwali bash to attend tonight, and then it will be all!

Past seven days, I have been gorging on delicious (read calorie-heavy) fare non-stop. I didn't know I would say this but, I am kinda missing my 'soup-salad' dinner nights already. Well, no worries, they will be back in routine starting next week and then I know I would be missing hogging on Indian food. Such is life dearies!

Getting back to outfit posts for Diwali, I am super-excited! This is probably first time  that I will be posting an Indian outfit on the blog (if the post here is not considered as an Indian outfit).
I love (read 'love' raised to 1000 times) to drape a sari! My earliest memories of sari include wearing it as a kid and then I was out standing in front of the scooter (Hamara Bajaj) while dad was driving me around the town :D

So a 'sari' fan that I am, this is what I wore on the main Diwali night for Laxmi Pujan. It was one bone-chilling night and still the enthusiasts that we are, we managed to click few pictures for the blog and life-time memories of course :). Lighting up diyas (oil/wax lamps), kandil (lantern), puja, sweets and sumptuous feast- that completes Diwali celebrations!

Hope you had a lovely and memorable Diwali with your loved ones! Any special gifts you received? I know what I am getting :))

What I am wearing: Bandhani-print silk sari - picked from 'Rajasthali' on our trip to Jaipur in Jan 2012; Gold Jewelry - gift from hubs and in-laws; 'Laakh' Bangles - some where in Udaipur; Special mention to Sis-in-law, Neha, for attaching beautiful blue 'Gotas' on the knots at the back of the blouse.

moi and moi handsome photographer :)

Diyas - courtesy mom and mom-in-law. Our families sent us a huge package loaded with home-made sweets and snacks, diyas, lantern and gifts. It made our Diwali even more happening!

Special Diwali treat for dearest hubs - Chole, Dal-fry, Paneer Makhani, Jeera-fried rice, Rice kheer loaded with raisins and nuts and whole-wheat parathas (not in picture)


Vidhya said...

You look beautiful Ashy and the stone studded diyas are gorg!

Unknown said...

You look gorgeous Ashy.. And the diyas look amazing.. so does the food! Looks finger-licking..

Maneet Jassal Gupta said...

You are meant for sari! :) And food looks mouth watering!

Fashion Five said...

You look sooo pretty..Love your saree..and I must say you guys make a lovely Couple..:)

Shubhi said...

pretty pretty ashy!
I love you in this saree!
And those delicacies and the lights and the Diyas-Diwali perfect post!

Shubhi's Revels!

ThefashionFlite said...

such a pretty color,really looks good on u ! And u cooked that awesome food? delicious! I almost forgot to cook on Diwali !

Sonshu said...

You look so pretty in the sari and omg, I love those diyas they are so pretty! :)
Love seeing the bling and colour!


Rupa said...

Beautiful as ususal...:)

Joy Shana said...

You look pretty,Nice photos

Juneli said...

You look beautiful, Ashy, in this gorgeous magenta Bandhni saree! Yummmm, the food looks delicious! Hope you had a gala time!
Have a happy Thanksgiving, dear!
Juneli from Fashionably Yours

TaNuja said...

Looking beautiful in a saree :)

Love <3
Tanuja :)

Unknown said...

Looking gorgeous there in magenta saree . Your blog is truly full of zing :)
May we follow each other? Do lemme know.


Kavita Sahu said...

Ashy, You look gorgeous in that saree. The best thing about being Indian is the sexiness of the six yard. i'd love to see more of you in such traditional outfits. It really looks amazing on you.
Love from India,

Urban Mantra said...

You look absolutely lovely in that sari, Ashy! And I love how your pictures have captured the essence of Diwali with the diyas, delicious food, etc! :)



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