Sunday, March 24, 2013

Trusted beauty regime

Today I wanted to share with you the tried-and-trusted products from my beauty regime or rather the products I regularly use and have found quite so effective. And no, Origins didn't pay me for this review :)

Skin cleanser/Face-wash: Origins Never A Dull Moment (read more about it here)
I started using this face wash since a month. I have a combination skin-type; the T zone gets oily whereas other parts get dry and flaky (super-dry especially during winters). The Origins 'Never A Dull Moment' helps to clear the oily areas and (surprisingly) does not dry out the others. Its clear in appearance and has a fresh fragrance which is what I loved.
I use it twice daily; once in the morning and once in the evening. I need to use a tiny bit every time and the cleanser lathers up great all over the face and neck. I am very happy with the results - the face feels fresh and glowy. The face wash is priced at $20/5 fl. oz. (150ml.) but with the amount I use everyday, it has already lasted me for a couple of months and should last a couple more. All in all, I think this is a definitely a product to invest in, for face-care.
The only downside, I found, is that the cleanser stings the eyes real bad. So, I gotta close my eyes tight-shut when I am cleansing my face :)
Face moisturizer: Origins Make A Difference Plus + (read more about it here)
After cleansing comes the 'moisturizing' part and again Origins 'Make a Difference Plus' fared well here. I started using this product around the same time as the cleanser; this time again looking for a product to balance the contrasting skin texture I have. I like the fact that it has a perfect balance of moisturizing elements - helps me with the dry skin and does not give a oily sheen to the face especially the forehead. 
Its priced at 39.50$ for 1.7fl. oz./50 ml. which is a little on the higher side for me, but I think it's well worth for the facial skin-care. 

Quick Tip: After using Origins for both cleansing and moisturizing, I would suggest to go similar way when trying a new brand. It helps in better understanding and evaluating the results of the skin-care products. 

Face mask: Origins Clear Improvement (read more about it here)
'Black-colored face mask? yikess!' was my first reaction when I first saw this product. But I have come to be a believer in this product after using it almost every weekend now. Per the product description, the face mask consists of a mix of activated charcoal and white china clay which helps to clean clogged pores and impurities.
I am very lazy about applying masks and most of the days, I usually forget to apply a face mask. When I bought this one, I placed it near the wash-basin so that every Saturday morning, after brushing teeth, I remember to apply the mask. It dries pretty quickly (by the time my morning tea is ready) and when I wash it with warm water, it comes off easily. Face feels fresh (hehe, alliteration alert, huh!) as well as bright and ready for the weekend revelries!
The face mask is priced at 16$ for 1.7 fl. oz./50 ml. which is quite a good deal according to me. Definitely worth the re-purchase :)

I would be lying if I said that there has been a pronounced change in my facial skin after starting to use these products; but nonetheless the number of breakouts have reduced and the face mask routine, on the weekends, is what I look forward to (per hubs, my face looks clean and glowy after applying the mask!). 

I hope these beauty-product reviews were useful and hope you liked reading it! Do drop in your feedback/suggestions below in the comments.


Unknown said...

Good to know and thanks for sharing, Ashy! I know Origins is a good brand but I've never tried their products. Maybe now is the time...I'm looking to buy a good face wash and face cream myself!


Rupa said...

I have never tried them..Lemme check if I can get them in India..

Ayantika said...

I have never tried them, now I am planning to try out the face mask :)

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