Tuesday, October 9, 2012

A day at the US Open

I was excited like a kid when husband informed me that we have tickets to the 'US Open Women's Finals'. It was a long time dream to watch the US Open live and finally we were going for it! Supremely excited was the state of mind. I have followed the game since I was a kid; those days it would be Steffi Graf Vs Monica Seles matches that thrilled me to no bounds! I had Steffi's pictures cut out from the newspapers and stuck to my wardrobe; such was my fan love for her!

Well, as Murphy's Law would have it, the match got rescheduled to next day afternoon. The one time you buy freaking expensive ($$$) tickets for a Finals match and it definitely rains - that too badly, and is terribly windy and of course a tornado hits the city. That fateful day of the match a tornado hit NYC! Yeah! Can you believe our luck! Well, the saving grace was that the match was moved to the next day itself and to the afternoon slot (an evening slot would have been a deal-breaker). 

Well, as they say, everything happens for good! The day of the match was a beautiful sunny day with clear skies. The venue was buzzing with activity and everything was so well-planned, right from security lanes to food court and crowd management. The event started with a Finals kick-off ceremony and the Guests of honor being none other than Andre Agassi and Andy Roddick (well, not Steffi but got a glimpse of her husband :D)

It was a finals match between Serena Williams seed 4 and Victoria Azarenka (Vika) seed 1; Vika being my favorite. 
Well, to see from my fashion blogger goggles, the 'tennis diva duo' were sporting 'Neon' (one of my favorite trends this year!). 

The Finals match stretched on to three sets for first time since 1995! now that's history and I was watching it live! Exciting, awesome, no word could describe the excitement going on in the stadium! The match went on for about 3 hours and though I was rooting Vika, the well-deserving Serena took away the cup! We did stay for some part of the Cup presentation but left soon 'cause our long journey back home awaited us..From Queens to Manhattan to Jersey City (where we had our car parked) and then back home to DC..Well this time I shared the driving part with my hubby, I drove for couple of hours while he finished his dinner n rested for some time, n then took over for the final haul. We reached home by 2 in the night; long day but well-spent and memorable!

The best part of watching the match live was - the super-charged crowd, cat calls for Vika/Serena, celebrity spotting (LMFAO, Anna Wintour, Tyra Banks, Andre Agassi, Will Ferrell, Kevin Spacey), waffle fries & beer (lots of it), crowd cam (the cam spotted us in one of the breaks, woop woop!). All these things definitely beat watching any match on the TV set.

This is what I wore to the tennis match..As always, I wanted to be chic and comfy. So nothing better came to my mind than - colored denims n polka dots, trendy n comfy, right? The touch of fedora was just to get away from the bad hair day I was having and of course the sunny glare. 
We took few pics on the Hudson bay with the scenic Manhattan skyline in the back drop before heading to the city. I must admit this would be one of fav spots for taking pictures. and of course, all credit for the fabulous pics goes to my dear husband. 

I must admit, the fedora hat has become my go-to accessory for bad hair days and the fact that it looks stylish than regular caps! 
What's your go-to accessory to escape from a bad hair day?

What I am wearingSweater - Old Navy; Colored denims - Gap; Scarf - India; Fedora - Francesca's; Wristlet - Burberry; Boat shoes - Aldo; Bracelet - American Eagle; Aviators - Tory Burch; Watch - MK women's chronograph (Gift from Parents); Earrings - NY&Co.

The fab ladies in action!

Hubs & me at the US Open entrance in Flushing Meadows/ the majestic Arthur Ashe stadium

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Rumela said...

OMG I love that polka dot sweater. Nice pics.
New post up on my blog: www.rumelatheshopaholic.blogspot.com

Maneet Jassal Gupta said...

Looks like a fun day out! :) I can imagine all that energy in the stadium in your words!

Juneli said...

Lucky you, Ashy! and I love what you wore to the match! the mint green pants look so soothing and the fedora adds so much more interest to the look! Great way to fight a bad hair day!
Juneli from Fashionably Yours

Urban Mantra said...

Aww, how fun! My husband goes to the US Open every year and I never accompany him. This year, I finally had the urge and interest to go with him but it was too late to buy tickets! Haha...I can't believe we had such a huge rain storm here during the US Open. Glad you managed to watch the games and have a great time!


Rupa said...

Love those loafers and the hat! I am so jealous, I also wanna watch an US Open :)
On a bad hair day, I like a bandana...

TaNuja said...

You are one lucky lady ... must be a superb time :)

Polka dots with blue... nice :)

Tanuja <3


Sonshu said...

Ooohhh, that's so cool. Murphy's law! :P
I totally love what you are wearing especially since it has polka dots and blue. :D

(New post is up)

Chic Accessorizer said...

love the pant color espacially with the polka dots...
looking chic n classy

Pooja k

Shubhi said...

Love the polka dotted top...how very chic you look!;)
And the shoes too! Its so amazing that you got to see such a huge match!

Thanks for the lovely comment on the blog, that particular photograph is self clicked!;)

Shubhi's Revels!

Stella said...

Like the top.


ThefashionFlite said...

this is so gorgeous ! the touch of fedora is awesome. u must try that often !

ashy said...

thank you all for your lovely comments :)


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