Monday, September 30, 2013

Just like back home..

As many of you might know, it was Ganpati celebrations around mid-September and so that's when we headed out to an Indian temple in our neighborhood. The temple trustees had setup traditional decorations, complete with food (modaks, ladoos, kadha-prashad and assorted Indian sweets). We got to attend Ganpati Aartis. Everything was just like the way it is in India, and just all the things I was missing. Festivals don't feel like festivals unless you do all the traditional things, right? All the things that you grew up doing back in India...

Hmmm..badbbudbududba..back to reality (there was a 'nostalgia' moment there). So, well lucky for us we got to experience and take part in the Ganpati celebrations. But wait! there's more.. we did attend the absolute traditional Ganpati celebrations hosted by the Marathi Mandal of Washington, DC. It was just like,  totally like, it is at home - from decorations to the food (yeah, food is a MAJOR factor here). But that's a story for another time (or post shall I say).

I love to wear Indian outfits and I try to wear them every occasion I get. Here's my Outfit-of-the-Day, all complete with bangles (so what they are mismatched :)), bindi, gold-string flats, oh yeah and salwar suit of course. I love the bright colors - purple and pink - how can anyone go wrong with it, right? And the 'chinese' stand collar..dig it BIG time. I tried a different hairstyle here; tied up my hair in a side-ponytail. Some days it just feels right to tie-up your here and get them outta your way. So, what do you think? Hit or a miss..?

Salwar suit from a shop in Thane, Mumbai | Chappals from Catwalk 
| Assorted lack bangles from our trip to Jaipur |

P.S.: Did you notice my nails match my outfit. That almost never happens, you know! So thought I would point it out to you....


Unknown said...

matching phone cover :P
purple is my favorite color. I would say HIT :)

Rupa said...

Nice....I also want to live where you live and miss festivals like this...sach mein...

Jenny’s Bicycle-Indian Fashion Blog!!

Unknown said...

Nice.. even i like to go traditional on festivals.. Many would have already said u.. U have a lovely smile..
Already following you on instagram... would like to follow each each other here.. let me know :)

The Style Cocktail said...

Love the color. :)

The Style Cocktail

Maneet Jassal Gupta said...

Right on with missing festivals and finding an excuse to wear indian outfits! You look great! :)

Pink Jasmine Blog said...

Beautiful look Ashy..I agree that Indian look is such an attractive, traditional, festive mood generator.
You rock this simple cotton suit.
Have a great day.

Seepz said...

You look beautiful here! Love the suit and mismatched or not, everything works perfectly together. You guys are really lucky to be a part of the festive celebrations. the temple closest to our place is a 2 hrs drive. Sob.. Sob..

Have a great day.:)

That Sassy Girl

Unknown said...

You look very Indian! Beautiful.. All the colors you wearing are my favorite..

TaNuja said...

looking so fresh with the colors...gorgeous dear :)

Tanu :)
my latest post:

Mukta Jain said...

YOu look gorgeous !
Such colorful outfit.

Unknown said...

Love the colors in this post!! My friend makes her own Saris and Salwar suits. Do you ever make your own? You look gorgeous!


Unknown said...

I love the Chinese collar look...and it's always fun to wear desi clothes any chance that we can get! You look lovely...Happy (belated) Ganesh Chaturthi! :)


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