Sunday, September 22, 2013

Wine Tasting

Last Sunday we were out wine-tasting with a couple of friends. Northern Virginia has some award-winning wineries and we had been looking forward to visit them out for quite some time now. We visited the Casanel Vineyards based on the yelp reviews of course (I trust them wholly people!).

There was not a formal wine tour or anything, it was a cute little place though with a open patio, tables and chairs, people drinking wines chit-chatting on that beautiful fall afternoon. For the wine-tasting we tried seven different wines ranging from the spritzy-flavored Pinot Grigio to a strong and robust Cabernet Sauvignon. The reds were quite bitter and strong to my taste, well I am more of a white wine person. After the wine-tasting, we headed out to the patio with a glass, some crackers and yummy champagne cheese (that thing was super delicious!) for a great afternoon by the wineries.

Yes, I was wearing the white denims again! They are clean, crisp and with their oh-so-chic fresh look I think they are a closet must-have. I paired my white denims with a colorful top for pop..well, like they say people, opposites attract :)

Target white denims (as seen here) | J.crew hot-pink top | Levis vest (as seen here) |
Payless tan-colored pumps | Forever 21 India neon earrings |

Ok, I get it..drinking and laughing at the same time is not pretty :P


Urban Mantra said...

Seems like a fun time! Shruti has taken me wine tasting in Virginia a couple times - it was fun! And of course, you look lovely as always! :)


Unknown said...

You really look fresh and vibrant! Seems like you had a really fun day tasting vine..

Jaseema Farook said...

Heyloo gorgeous! I have nominated you and your fabulous blog for Liebster award. Here is your link to the questions:

Hope you enjoy it :)


Anonymous said...

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