Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Style guide for good-fit denims

It's been almost three years I shopped the regular denims/ jeans (Throughout the post, I am going to use denims or jeans interchangeably). Don't get me wrong, I love them..but since the colored denims have been in trend, for me the regular ones have just gone into an oblivion. And I broke this shopping-fast last month; I bought a couple of them (one in dark wash and one in light). And why would I go for buying the true blue denims, you ask? Well, one of my favorite brands 'Express' had a 40% off on denims. Enough reason to save money and get good stuff I say :)

Coming to the US, it has been a long struggle to find the perfect fit for me. The jeans here fit me  low-waist..hello, muffin tops and handles! Wearing tees or fitted tops would be a problem thus. After a many years of research, trials and tribulations, frustrating purchases, I have found a list of brands that have great fit which is sits comfortable on the waist, hips and straight down the legs thus flattering for the whole body.

1) Express - Express has to be on top of the list. The material, fit, quality is all superlative..I seriously don't know how they do it. Express has variety of fits from skinny leg to boot cut to straight-fit (which I sometimes prefer to the bootcut). The bootcut is nonetheless perfect for the curvy body structure but I would swear by their skinny fit..comfortable and mid-waist to cover the love handles. One good thing about Express is that they carry high-waist skinny jeans and jeggings, which adds to the comfort of the whole look.
Price is on the higher side (around 80$) but I would say go for it..'cause a good pair of jeans lasts you 3-4 years at least (if your size doesn't fluctuate that is). And that's why with the 40% off sale I grabbed two pairs.

2) American Eagle - My last skinny jeans purchase was from here. The skinny fit looks flattering; the only pain-point being it hits low waist, so I have to be careful with the tops and tees I am pairing it (no room for fitted tops, I w'ld say).
The best part is the price which moderate (around 30-40 bucks) which makes it for a guiltless shopping :)

3) Levis at Macys - I like the curvy fit at Levi, though sometimes they do go overboard with the high-waist fit. The tricky part here is that the high-waist compromises on how the denim fits on the curves. I usually go for the mid-waist straight fit denims here - straight fit is in between a flared boot-cut and super-skinny denim. It's perfect for curvy/bottom-heavy body types. The Levi denims are economically priced at around 30-40$.

4) Calvin Klein - The thing with a good pair of denims is that you can dress it up for a dinner date or night-out. And this is when a denim with superlative fabric and fit comes to play. CK gives bang for the bucks - smooth and polished fabric with stretch at the right places to give room for activity (and hogging of course). The best place to shop for it would be the outlet shops, since clothes are reasonably priced there with the sales and discounts offered (they turn up to be around 70-80$).

5) Others brands - Guess, Old Navy, Diesel are some of the brands that carry good quality jeans. I have tried a couple of colored skinny denims (Rockstar fit) from Old Navy and they seem to be a great purchase for their price point of just 20 bucks. But again colored denims might last for a year or two and then go out of trend. So if you want a pair that stays good for more than that,  I would say invest in a high-quality dark-wash pair.
I haven't personally shopped at Guess or Diesel, but my husband has and he swears by their fit and quality. So any guys reading this blog (??),you might want to try these stores (you can also try the denim shop at Express).

I usually go for the dark to medium light wash denims for they look flattering on a curvy body type with the stretchy material at the waist. I try to stay away from the boyfriend jeans - they are on the slouchy side which does not look good on me. I would say have 2-3 great fitting pairs - a couple of dark washes (blue or black colors are versatile) and maybe one light.On top of that, you can go for capri-fit or ripped/frayed denims that give a more relaxed vibe and are perfect for weekend outfits.

Well, I hope this post has been useful and informative for your next shopping trip for denims. Do share, in the comments below, if you have any shopping tips or any stores that you have found to carry the perfect fit denims.



In the Blue said...

The first pair look amazing on you! You are rocking them!

Rupa said...

Nice post.

Jenny’s Bicycle-Indian Fashion Blog!!

Unknown said...

Elegant Styling :)
loved the way u accessorized it !


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