Wednesday, May 8, 2013

How I Styled - Denim Vest

In the past one year I have sported the denim vest three times on the blog and numerous times off the blog. I bought it on our quick shopping escapade to the last mall in the US before you hit the Mexico border. It was almost another country on the other side of the shopping shopping experience indeed! Well, it sounds like an impulse buy, but I tell you, it is one piece in my closet that can transform a plain-jane look into something remarkable. 

Take this, the pink denims and floral top combo is so ordinary - nothing exciting about it. Add a denim vest and it transforms the look; the vest gives an edge to the outfit plus breaks the monotonous girly hue. Denim-on-denim trend has been around since last year and a denim vest is perfect to try this trend out-of-the-ordinary way. 
StyleTip: The denim vest is a rugged piece of clothing and so works very well with the loose, flowing tops. The vest minimizes the baggy effect while giving a structure to the outfit. 

So, my friends, case in point is that you have to try this amazing clothing piece! Hope I have convinced you enough, and if not, be inspired from the pics below on how I styled it!

1 - 2 - 3

This is my last post before I hop on the plane to meet my family and friends in Mumbai, India. I am going to slow down my blogging speed so you might experience a down-time on the blog. I am planning to schedule posts so don't forget to check back and sorry if I am not able to catch up with you all and visit your blogs. I promise I will make up when I am back to the US :)
All you bloggers in Mumbai (or bloggers visiting Mumbai), would love to meet-up with y'all. Drop me a note at and let's get the conversation going!


SR said...

Aww.. u look so cute! I loved the 3rd look :)

Kalyani said...

Loved the third look too..awesome skirt!

Unknown said...

Great blog!
What do you think about follow each other? Let me know!Have a nice day!

Unknown said...

Hey Wooww!! Heading to India, that sounds great fun!!! Have a safe trip and brin tons of goodies from there.!!

Mukta Jain said...

Loved the first outfit the most !
the IT Girl

Anupriya DG said...

Your denim vest is a versatile piece indeed!! :)

Hope you have a great time in India! I feel like running down to Mumbai to meet you!!!! *sigh*

Unknown said...

lovely denim vest! xx

The Provocative Couture

Seepz said...

I love the first outfit most but you have styled all the 3 outfits very well! I would like to try out these looks myself!

Have a great time in India.. Will wait for your posts once you are back. :)

~ Seepz
That Sassy Girl
That Sassy Girl on Bloglovin

Anonymous said...

thanks for share..

Ileana said...

Love the vest ^^Great outfits :D
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SJ said...

styled it well


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