Monday, September 17, 2012

Date evening in Georgetown

One of my favorite things, after moving to DC area, has been going on a stroll in Georgetown; especially sitting by the Potomac river and enjoying a cuppa coffee - very romantic I say! It reminds me of my days in Mumbai - Marine Drive to be specific..where you can sit for hours staring at the vast blue waters and enjoy the cool breeze; and if you have a cutting chai in hand, nothing like it!

Cut to present, last month we went to Georgetown on our way to a friend's house. This time though we had a plan in mind - definitely get in line for the famous 'Georgetown cupcakes' and then savor them with coffee while sitting by the river. Oh and did I mention! this was going to be my first long drive after I got my licence!

When we reached there, the weather was perfect - cloudy and not-so-hot. The line at the cupcakes shop was moving slow but we made it to the store in say 30 mins or so. The cupcakes were delish, but I am not sure I would wait for so much time in the line! Apart from cupcakes, Georgetown is also famous for boutique shops, restaurants, pubs/bars and in general a youthful vibe. I would definitely recommend making it a part of your itinerary on your next trip to Washington, DC.

This is what I wore on a date evening to Georgetown - 'Maxi dress as a skirt'. I loved remixing this closet piece and wearing it in a different way - I would suggest you to give it a try too! I think remixing closet pieces just helps to get the most value from your regular wear.
I took out my cutsey-bow flats out on a spin in Georgetown, I love that they are neon pink n orange n look very trendy!

What I am wearing: Maxi dress as a skirt - Old Navy; Top - Alfani @ Macys; Denim vest - Levis Factory Outlet; Bag - Calvin Klein; Neon pink flats - Kelly & Katie @ DSW; Jewelry and Ring - Old Navy; Watch - Fossil (Gift from J)

Mr. J/ In da long line for d famous Georgetown cupcakes/ my cutesy neon flats/ Finally! got hold of the cupcakes - Red Velvet & Chocolate Ganache!

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Unknown said...

liked your remixing.. looking beautiful..

In the Blue said...

Beautiful skirt, and love the use of the dress as a skirt! Georgetown is so pretty and quaint! When I was there, it was a cold rainy winter day and I didn't have the patience to wait outside in the cold. But I'm glad you did, and enjoyed your cupcake too!

Maneet Jassal Gupta said...

Very cute shoes and thanks for a quick little review of a new place to visit! :)

Rumela said...

You look so pretty...Nice styling.

Sonshu said...

Oh, I love the maxi worn as a skirt, the print is gorgeous. And you look smiley and pretty as always!


Rachana Shah said...

Wow what a brilliant idea Ashy!! I can't wait to try it out myself! I loved your neon flats, they are super cute!!

Chic Accessorizer said...

i love wearing remixing my clothes thanks to tanvii
the maxi dress as skirt looks fab love colours
pretty pretty

Pooja K

Rupa said...

Do I need to say anything :)
You look amazing! Love those shoes and love the idea of wearing a dress as a skirt.
By the way, I guess you have changed your camera...The shots are getting better and better!

Urban Mantra said...

You look so cute, Ashy! Love the colors you put together in the outfit! And glad you enjoyed Georgetown. I love all the small boutiques and the ambiance there :) - Richa

Unknown said...

lovely maxi. i love the print on the bottom. take care.

Incognito_River said...

I should check out Georgetown too! Nice post! :)

LIGIA from ELCOFRE said...

hi check my blog i got a surprise for you : )

ashy said...

Thank you all for your kind words :)

ThefashionFlite said...

loved ur remixing dear ! I do the same with my maxi's !this is such a beautiful dress,I really like the print ! Cupcakes sound sooo delicious ! We get them here too, but I am sure u really get the best ones out there !
P.S If u have time,hop over my blog and see my new post !

Anonymous said...


ILA JOHARI said...

The skirt and the sandals are such eye-candy .
The colors of the sandal can pep up any costume!
Loved the look :)



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