Friday, October 4, 2013

'Make-up' your face - Part 2 - Eye makeup

A BIG thanks to everyone for a great response on my first make-up product review post! I wasn't sure when I penned it down how helpful or how my readers would like it reading. I was happy reading all your responses and sharing tips about your fave products. I am sorry I have been late at responding to them, but I sure hope to get to it soon. Thank you all again and so well, looks like I am gonna be continuing with this series.

For eye make-up, I am not that big into trying different eye-shadows, playing with colors or the eyeliner styles. I play it safe with just three simple looks catered to different occasions -
1. Simple kohl-lined eyes with a bit of mascara - For the everyday look - to the office, or day out in the city, brunch, lunch or that weekday date night. 
2. Eye primer, Fancy smokey eyes with lined neatly with a kohl/ kajal, and touch of mascara for the night-out partaay, or a romantic dinner-date in the city.
3. Eye primer, Fancy-shmancy bright eyeshadow, both top and bottom eyelids lined perfectly and oomph loads of mascara for special occassions like Diwali party, Christmas party or a fancy night out. 

Well, so today I was thinking of sharing my best and trusted make-up products. I have used most of these for a solid couple of years. But that doesn't mean I have liked all of them. I will be listing out the good, bad and the 'meh' ones and of course tell you why they ended up in that category.

My daily eye make up includes a Kajal/eyeliner and a mascara. I had been using the MAC technakohl liner for years now until recently when I switched to the 'eyeconic' kajal by Lakme (during my India trip). The MAC one smudged after a few hours into the day and did not stay on for the whole day. Whereas the Lakme one stays on quite crisply for 6-7 hours with no smudge. The kajal tip is quite thin to draw that perfect line to highlight the eyes.
I did buy a liquid eyeliner from MAC, but it is not something I can use when I am in a hurry (especially the morning rush times). I dont have a steady hand and need some peaceful time to draw a straight line on my eyelids. The result no doubt is glam, but again if you have shaky hands then I would ask you to skip buying it.
The NARS eyeliner is like a felt pen. I did not get a clean, dark line out of it and I don't think it is has done wonders to me. Something you can skip trying/buying. 

I have been experimenting lately, with different brands for Mascaras; after I empty one bottle I usually move on to another brand. Lately, most of the brands have come with dense brushes so the result is more all less the same. Right now I am using the NARS Mascara, and there's nothing really to complain about it. I switch to the Maybelline COLOSSAL VOLUME mascara when I am looking for a change.

Not very experimental in this area. I stick to the Lakme's color palette with dark reds and pink for dressing up for parties and festivals. And so is the pink MAC eye shadow (I think I have had it forever......wait that's not good right?!)
Last here is the a dark-grey shimmer eyeshadow from REVLON. I found this amazing color in Target last year (when everyone, including me, was going ga-ga over the shimmer/glimmer trend..remember!). Since then it has been my trusted confidante for going the smokey-eye way.
 I just dab it on the eyelids after the primer (that I reviewed here) and then spread it with a brush to make the eyelids all sparkly and smokey. A thick-coat of mascara and kohl-lined eyes makes the perfect eye makeup for a night-out.

So that's a wrap on the eye makeup category. I m really looking forward to trying different eye-shadows or eye make-up styles. Do share your trusted products and fave tips to dress up the eyes!


Mandy Paulino said...

Hey there, loved your blog, just followed you on GFC, (188) would you mind to follow back?


Unknown said...

Im not a eye-shadow gal ....but to give a bit of color ,i use colored eye pencils is fun way of make-up :)
yet again nice post :)


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