Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Casual Dressing

I have been watching Modern Family for a while. It's safe to say now, that I am rightfully addicted to it now and will not stop unless I finish watching each and every episode of this funny and awesome TV series. I go through this phase of  'will-not-stop-till-I-drop watching all the seasons' from time to time. When I was finishing my Master's course here in the U.S., I was addicted to watching 'Everybody Loves Raymond'. I finished watching the series and then I was watching it over and over again. In those days, I could hardly afford Netflix so J, who was my bf then, suggested me this Korean (or Chinese?!) website that streamed all the episodes one after another. Watching Raymond kinda kept me going; I was sorta new and adjusting to my life here and I really missed my family back then. So this phase, I guess.

So it started with Raymond and now over the years, I have been through addictive phases of watching The Office (US), The Big Bang Theory, How I Met Your Mother, 24, LOST, Fringe, Grey's Anatomy, BBC's Sherlock Holmes to the more recent and current Modern Family. Of all these, 24 and LOST were supremely addictive. So addictive that one weekend (a snowy weekend that too) in Boston, J and I spent in indoors, like couch potatoes running through one episode after another. We didn't take any breaks (I pretty much sure we did not take time out to even shower) not even for lunch or dinner. I think we were watching LOST - and anyone who has watched it would vouch that it is super addictive and we did the right thing there!

I really missed watching 24, and was quite sad it was over. Jack Bauer was one of the most dashing heroes ever! The wit, humor and innocence of Michael Scott in The Office is what I loved the most; and of course Pam and Jim's office romance. J and I were office buddies too so it was kinda fun to watch it on the screen :) For a while I stopped watching The Office, but got back right to it after I finished reading this book. It brought back my memories of this awesome, cute and lovable show.
Fringe is all sci-fi and phyics-sy. Husband got me hooked onto it. I have seen some really grotesque things on this show but one thing I learnt from it is the power of controlling your brain (and vice-versa).

I am a HUGE HUGE fan of SHERLOCK HOLMES. And BBC's show on this famous detective is simply awesome! To imagine if Sherlock existed in this era with all the social media, hi-fi gadgets, Watson blogging instead of writing the anecdotes. Sheer brilliance, no? And no, Watson is not (and can never be) a girl; he's a nice young handsome lad as he should be! Benedict Cumberbatch *major drool* is fab raised to the power infinity as young Sherlock! You gotta WATCH this show people now now (thank me later). I can hardly wait for their third season!

All these shows are readily available on Netflix. So which TV series have caught your fancy? Do share in the comments below.

And now it's time for the outfit pictures and simple-n-casual was the theme for the day!

Target Mossimo Top | American Eagle skinny denims and bracelet |
Payless Nude pumps | Jewelry from Old Navy |


Rupa said...

Love those shoes!

Jenny’s Bicycle-Indian Fashion Blog!!

Anonymous said...

You look gorgeous! Love the Top!

~ Seepz

Maneet Jassal Gupta said...

You 'gotta hafta' watch Downton Abbey!

Anonymous said...

You have such a cheery, ready smile!


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