Friday, October 18, 2013

India Trip Lookbook

I have shared my Good Times I had in India this summer, but I have been meaning to share the outfits, I wore on my trip to India, for a long time now. Though you will notice most of them are Indian outfits/ dresses and that was kind of intentional, well except for this one. I mean it was a freaking HOT summer! So obviously cotton was my go-to fabric of choice. It was almost impossible to wear the denims (colored or regular) in the hot and humid climate of Mumbai, nor leggings (they tend to get clingy with all the humidity around). So good old Punjabi suits were my trusted choice for my day time escapades in the city or around. 

Also, most of the pics below are from my trip to North India (Amritsar - Dalhousie - Dharamshala - Chandigarh). The temps were like 40-50C (which is around 100F) during major parts of my trip. I did wear denims, colored denims, leggings, mostly during night-outs, or day long trips to the mall or blogger meetups/dinners in the evening. But most of time was spent in a comfy and very traditional punjabi suit.

Top and Patiala salwar from Good Things
When in Amritsar, dress in a Patiala (that actually doesn't rhyme much, but you get the drift right?). I mean, wearing this patiala suit just felt absolutely right. We went to see the Golden Temple, Jalianwala Bagh, shopped for jutis and ate chole-bhatura and then ended the day at the Flag Ceremony at the Wagah border (the India-Pakistan border). By the end of the day I was so happy I was wearing this pure-cotton dress, 'cause the North India heat was getting to me by the end of it!

Tunic from a local shop | American Eagle skinny denims
This is a fun tunic that I absolutely dig for its unconventional cut with the side-knotted fancy danglers and the green-piped frill! I have wore it as a dress in the past, and now as a proper tunic with denims. Mind you this was in Dalhousie and the cooler temps made it absolutely bearable necessary to don the denims. I just love the puffed-up short sleeves on the tunic.

Tunic/ Kurta from Gili store | Leggings from Good Things | Dupatta/Scarf from Westside
Did you know that the Gili brand - yes the one with the diamond jewelry stores - now have started stores for Women's apparel too? I didn't know either! I didn't see their stores in every other mall (there was one in Nashik and then another one in a mall in Chandigarh). But I loved their collection and this black and hot-pink kurta/ tunic just caught my fancy. Love how the sleeves are printed. Well, based on my outfit posts, I think you must have guessed that I have a thing for hot-pink ;)

H&M Black top (borrowed from Mum) | Crazy & Co. necklace (seen here) |
The Tribal-print Harem pants are one of my fave purchases during the India trip. I got them for an awesome bargain during street-shopping in Irla, a suburb in Mumbai. They have this exotic print and it's black and white which can be paired with a number of tops and styles. They are on the slim side and not baggy or drop-crotch ones that I absolutely hate; never liked the extra bulk that they add on. There's a little cloth pouch on the side to hold the cell-phone, how cute is that?

Haute Curry Top | Globus capri | Old Navy Earrings
We visited the Rose Garden in Chandigarh and I decide to dress up like one ;) I loved this super-floral and vibrant kurti and I knew I had to have it. It pairs great against the plain denims and the gold piping on the cuffs and neckline gives it a glam-sham look!

Anarkali dress from Kalki in Santacruz, Mumbai
J and I attended a friend's wedding reception and this is what I wore. Anarkali dresses are so in right now, and they have been around for a while actually. But I don't think anybody will tire out of this style. It's so versatile, looks great on any body type, hides the flabs and with the flare you fell like a Indian princess already :) Dangly Kundan earrings, a bracelet and a clutch were my only accessories.

Kurti from Melange, Lifestyle | American Eagle skinny denims | H&M cuff
I wore this to a mehndi/ henna ceremony for my best friend's engagement. The black and gold is a winner combo for any night-out or party. The mega sleeves assured that I didn't have to fold up my sleeves and could adore my hands with mehndi right till my wrist. I wore cute black and gold jhumkas for a more ethnic look.

Left - Tunic from street-shopping at Crawford Market, Mumbai | Leggings from BIBA
Right - Palazzo pants from Hill Road, Bandra | Calvin Klein tee | Leopard-print scarf from NYC street-shopping
These are my off-beat outfits. I wore this neon whimsical-print tunic with leggings to a mother-daughter luncheon and window-shopping session. I had a great time with my mum, her best friend and her daughter. The ladies day out was definitely fun-tastic. Guess this is something I miss doing in the US!
The outfit on the right is what I wore on a drive to Pune. It's one of the comfy-est outfits - Palazzo pants, tee and leopard-print scarf to break the monotone.
Unfortunately, the palazzo pants have shrunk after a washing cycle and obviously I am so bummed that I cannot re-create this look anymore!

Well, hope you enjoyed my India lookbook. Which outfit was your favorite? Do share in the comments below.


Buttons Apart said...

Lovely outfits! I love your mehendi!

Sita xx

In the Blue said...

PRETTY! I love all the beautiful colors, prints AND designs! Love it all! :)

Tyana said...

you look stunning

Tyana said...

You look Stunning

Tyana said...

You look stunning

Maneet Jassal Gupta said...

Very colorful outfits! Love them all!


Urban Mantra said...

Such versatile looks from your trip to India...lightweight cotton is definitely the way to go in the heat, isn't it! Really enjoyed reading through this post!


Unknown said...



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