Monday, October 28, 2013

Marwari Aaloo

While I was India, mum was on a spree of cooking my favorite food. Which was awesome. And Marwari Aaloo is one of them. Usually I have it with plain roti or sometimes just like that. The hot-n-spicy red chillies add a perfect heat to the mushy and starchy aaloos (potatoes). The hint of garlic, squeeze of lemon and fresh coriander are the perfect condiments to this dish. 

I shared a picture on Instagram a few months back and many of you asked for a recipe. I have been bugging my mum since then to write down the recipe for me and my readers. So finally here it is.

It's an easy recipe and the best thing is the readily available ingredients. Everyone has potatoes in the pantry, right? You can very well use big potatoes instead of the small round ones, just remember to cut the big potatoes into 4 small parts.

To make this dish, you will need: 
1. Small round white potatoes
2. 5/6 red chillies (I go with the spicy kind but you can go with the less spicy ones depending on your taste)
3. 2-3 garlic cloves
4. For the tadka/seasoning - jeera, oil
5. Coriander and lime juice for garnish

How to make this dish:
1. Boil the small potatoes till fork-tender ( I usually do this in a pressure cooker, but you can boil them in a cooking pan). After they have cooled, remove the skin. 
2. Soak the red chilies in water for an hour till they become soft and pulpy.
3. Grind the red chillies with the garlic cloves and a little bit of salt for taste.
3. Prepare tadka or seasoning. Heat 2 tablespoons of oil in a round-bottom vessel.
4. Add jeera and hing.
4. When the jeera starts to splutter, add the red chilli paste and fry it for a minute.
5. Add the boiled potatoes to the tadka and fry it properly.
6. Add some salt to taste.
7. In the end, add finely cut coriander and sprinkle lime juice for garnish.

Serve hot with chapatis or pooris.


Kalyani said...

Looks too easy and yummylicious ! Must give it a try..your photos make it even more tempting actually :-))

Unknown said...

Omg it looks sooo good! I will definitely try this recipe! Yum yum! :)


Rupa said...

This sounds simple! I am gonna make it.

Jenny’s Bicycle-Indian Fashion Blog!!

Aditi SoSaree said...

It looks amazing..n so simple..i wonder if i can replace the aaloos with mushrooms though..!


Fashion Factive said...

Yummy !


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