Monday, January 27, 2014

Makar Sankranti Haldi-Kumkum

I hosted a Makar Sankranti Haldi-KumKum couple of weeks back. With the chilly weather upon us, we can hardly step out for socializing, and so Haldi-KumKum is a perfect occasion to call over the girls for snacks and tea/ coffee and some chit-chat. Traditionally, the ladies wear black dress, or sari for this occasion. Black is the color of this festival and usually it is not a color associated with any festive occasion in Hindus; but Makar Sankranti is one festival you are welcome to wear black. There is a more so of a rational reason to it which being, sankranti falls in winter and wearing black helps absorb the sunlight and warmth.

My mum hosted haldi-kumkums every sankranti and I remember as a little girl, I dressed up in a sari (my love for saris I tell you!) and helped my mum organizing the get-together. The tilgul ladoos made of sesame jaggery and groundnut were my fave. Sesame and groundnuts are yummy in taste and also perfect for winters since they help to generate body heat.

This is a haldi-kumkum thali consisting of - haldi-kumkum, tilgul ladoos, a cotton puff with perfume scent, The tradition is to apply haldi-kumkum on the forehead of the lady, apply perfume on the her hand, and then give tilgul and halwa (little sugary sweets) and finally gifting a small token of love.

I gifted these small packets to each one of my friends. The packet had a hand cream, two types of sesame sweets and some chocolates. I must admit it was fun preparing these little packets; reminded me of childhood days when we exchanged return gifts after a birthday party.

I made a couple of Indian snacks and tea and coffee to serve the girls. Snacks were Sabudana khichadi (yummy dish made from sago and groundnut powder), Moong-dal pakodas (fried fritters) served with green chutney and ketchup along with some store-bought savories. I served tea in these ornate cups and saucers I got from India. I love sipping tea from cup-and-saucer, reminds me so much of how it is done back home.

I followed my mum's recipe for Moong dal pakodas. Soak 2 cups of moong-dal with 1/2 cup of udad dal for 4-5 hours. Grind it coarsely with green chillies per taste, ginger and garlic, and some jeera (fennel seeds). Heat oil in deep pan and fry spoonfuls of dough for some crispy pakodas. I add few teaspoons of hot oil to the batter (dunno why, but my mum tells me to, so!) before starting to fry.

Sorry I don't have any pictures of the food or us all ladies (except for this one). All of my friends did dress up in black and couple of them even managed time to change into Indian outfits (even though it was a weekday). I wore a black long skirt with a gold top and black and gold dupatta. Sari seemed tedious to wear with all the cooking and arrangements I had to make!

Well, it was a fun evening and only thing I regret now is not taking pictures :)

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Aditi SoSaree said...

WOW..this looks like so much fun.
U forgot to invite me..!:(


Rhythmic saga said...
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Rhythmic saga said...

luks kinda fun!..Snaps wud have added a A+ To the memories!!


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