Wednesday, January 29, 2014

New Year, New Look

New Year has started with a barrage of snow, wind and chills. So staying put at home is the smartest decision anybody including me could make. I have been venturing out only for absolutely necessary reasons (believe me going out at this time is one difficult thought!) and when I do its usually in yoga-pants, tee, hoodie, jacket, scarf and running sneakers. Rarely have I moved away from this dress-code; its become more like a uniform. This and an occasional change of bright-colored sweater/pullover (like the one below) and jeans so that I look socially-acceptable in this horrid weather.
Polar vortex, snow storms and what not, don't ask. I am just waiting (more so like hibernating) it out and hoping for more warmer days to come. On a brighter note, the days are getting longer and we have few mins of sunshine during after-office hours.

And hey, also I had a new haircut. More so like a new look. Most of the times in past, I have always decided to grow out my hair and by six months I am done and chopped them off. And that's exactly what I did this time too. I will grow them out in a single length this time (hopefully!).
What do you think of this new look?

Banana Republic pullover (on-sale) | American Eagle denims | 
MK Sunnies | Old Navy flats | New York & Company wristlet |

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Aditi SoSaree said...

Is all i have to say.

New Post up

Seepz said...

Same here Ashy! Waiting for some warmer weather!

I love the new look! There is nothing better than a sweater and jeans on a cold day.

Have a great day.

~ Seepz
That Sassy Girl

Kavita Sahu said...

You look wonderful in the new look Ashy. I like your top.



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