Monday, February 10, 2014

Manicure Moods

Nowadays I have been more creative how I paint my nails..I mean put more thought into it more than ever. I have quite like experimenting with colors, manicure styles and sometimes I do a nail art on my ring finger and forfeit that 5$ bill. 

Sometimes my mood dictates the colors I want to play with - its all bright and colorful in summer, sparkly in the holiday season and sometimes I play with the blues and browns when its morose outside.

So here you go, some of successful experiments with nails and colors..

 Manicure inspired from one of my summer outfits

 Feeling the 'blues'!

Black and Orange: Nail-art for a Halloween partayy!

Bright colors are perfect for nails in summer!

Pastels for a subtle manicured look! Sometimes less is more, no? 

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