Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Winter Cravings

Today I decided to give you an insider's look into what eating-in in winter looks like. It mainly comprises of carbs..loads of them actually, and some hot chocolate and doses of caffeine in between and then more carbs again. Adding on to the winter-weight, blame the weather!

There's something about this weather that makes you super-hungry without stepping outside. And when you are in snowed-in for days, nothing warms up the heart like a big bowl of soupy deliciousness.

So here goes my winter-food diary!

 Nothing more comforting than digging in a bowl of Spicy and Garlicky Dal-Khichadi! Also, it's easy to make and with ingredients right at home. 

 Some left-over paneer (Indian cottage cheese) and potato mixture stuffed in-between two loaves of bread and toasted to perfection with generous amounts of ooey-gooey cheese..lip-smacking to say the least!

 Good ol' Idli, sambar and chutney..breakfast and lunch rolled into one big bowl! I used to think making idlis is a lot of work and preferred making dosas over them. But this time around, my views changed. Idlis are actually easier to make and both of us can sit down for the meal at the same time (and not when one of us is busy at the stove top making dosas) 

A bowl of hot and warming Potato chowder! Yes. More. Carbs. It's been a harsh winter, people! 
This soup was actually a last minute idea. It's a pot with some spices, potatoes, cream and all of it blended together. I do add brocolli or cauliflower if it's available. I serve it with toasted baguette or bread sticks. 

And to keep me going in the day, copious amounts of caffeine. I am drinking Hot Italian Mocha (my absolute fave) in an actual ceramic cup at Nordstrom Cafe. Starbucks is so over-rated, I tell you! 

So..what have you been gorging on? 

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In the Blue said...

All of these look amazing, but I've been doing the exact opposite. Cannot let the frigid weather lure me into foods that aren't doing me good. I would gladly eat the idili bowl, soo yummy!

Mukta said...

I agree, starbucks is so overrated.
Btw loved all the pictures. Dal- Khichdi is something I can have anytime. Its light and yummy if cooked with right amount of spices.

Aditi SoSaree said...

WOW..these pics make me so hungry..n m so craving dal khichdi right now.


Unknown said...

Coffee and khichdi are my favorite too! The pictures make me hungry too! You are for sure a good cook!!
P.S. This spring.. let's meet up :)

Anupriya DG said...

Mmmmm......everything looks so yum!


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