Friday, December 27, 2013

2013 Outfits in Recap - Q1

Well, well ,well, we are almost at the end of Twenty-Thirteen and this is the perfect time to pause, rewind and review the year that has been (and you know I am talking about my outfits, right?)..JK in general, I think it's always a good idea to sit down with a hot cup of coffee/tea or whatever lifts your spirits and helps you focus and think about what went well and what went down this year! Personally, I can't help but be done with this year and welcome the new year! What about you?

For the outfit-review posts, I have decided to do them quarterly..much easier and quicker with the approaching deadline..teeeheee)

So *drumroll* please...Here's presenting you the First installment of this series...translation >> All outfits from Jan, Feb and March! And hey, I have also mentioned links to the individual posts, in case you missed them or are in the stalk-mode (which is absolutely fine by me ;))

So which one's your favorite? I did little experimentation or 'thinking outside the box' as some would say to dress-up on my anniversary-date; so well, that has to be my loved one from this lot!

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