Friday, March 28, 2014

How We Styled It - Feature 1

This year, I kinda had a mission for my blog and I think I put it out clearly in words here. I am kinda excited to do more style posts now, more specifically on styling particular items in the closet, adapting different styles and so on. And then a blogger-collab feature I saw on J's blog completely inspired me. Why not get together with your blogger buddies and brainstorm ideas in styling a particular style/outfit. Voila! I am adapting this new feature on to the blog >> the How We Styled It Feature, people!

Today, Saumya (you have met her here) and I putting together styles for an all-white outfit. With spring at our doorsteps - well to be realistic, we do have some snow leftover STILL - it will soon be time that a crisp all-white outfit will be something to don with the gorgeous weather and floral landscape all around us! 

Thanks so much Saumya  for agreeing to this style experiment, you are a looking smashing hot in the all-white getup! Love the pop of color from the gorgeous bag, and that fur scarf is for sure need-of-the-hour. A white skirt and blazer definitely looks worth an investment.

Over to you gal...

There is something about this white Narciso Rodriguez blazer that keeps calling out to me, each time I am scouring through my coat closet in search of something white to wear. It's not that I have a closet full of  white toppers, but owning 4 white blazers, 1 white leather jacket and 6 white sweaters, I could call it a small collection.......duh !

Anyways, when my dear blogger-friend ASHWINI suggested an all-white outfit for our first blogger collaboration series, right away I knew this jacket was making it's way to the blog once again. What better  way to embark on this fashion journey, than to wear something pure as WHITE...

I picked out this fun and flirty skirt from forever 21 a while ago and it sure proves to be a perfect match with the blazer. Dressing up in all white could be uninteresting but with subtle infusion of prints,colors and textures- the skirt's lace bottom, the cat print top, the bag, the fur snood and the mirrored sunglasses as examples, one could break through that boredom. I kept my make including the lipstick soft , an ideal choice that falls in line with the aesthetics of an all-white outfit....

Well, talking about my inspiration for today's style collab comes from an afternoon playing dress-up in the closet. I have always been fascinated with monochrome outfits especially, the all-white one. It tends to look ghostly (!!) sometimes, but with right accessories it's one of the most easiest way to dress up chic!

White jeans and white tee were a no-brainer (in style blogger world) to put together and a little bit of tan color from accessories was right enough balance. 

Now for me, I am still reeling from the neon trend (which was so in last year and maybe still is..I keep seeing it in bit-and-pieces in the style mags) and so with a neon band and necklace I was all set to step out in my very own white-out outfit. And oh, with a lingering chill in the air, a trench is a must-have for the spring, no?

Target top and white jeans | Neon hairband from Hill road, Bandra |
Neon necklace from Colaba Causeway | Payless pumps | The Limited cross-body bag |

So, that's how two bloggers styled their own version of white-on-white. If we inspired you to your own version, we would be happy to know about it!

Lastly, if you would like to collab with me on this style feature, I would be delighted to get together with you. Do drop a line at:

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KP said...

Loved your outfit than the other!! Pop of neon created magic on the outfit!!

Nitika Bhatia said...

Both the looks are really refreshing :)
PS - new outfit post up on my blog :

Aditi SoSaree said...

Cool..i loved both of u. M so inspired..!

New Post Up

Unknown said...

Loved your, comfy, simple yet chic....and neon is just the perfect pop of color :)

Unknown said...

Cool post. What a great idea ! I really need new inspirations and a push perhaps to blog more. I might drop you a line. I would love to collaborate with you.

You ladies look amazing !

Cactus and Cucumber


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