Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Blog birthday series - Seven 'zingy' foodie moments

I have been passionate about food long before I started this blog; passionate about eating different types of cuisines and trying them out in my kitchen. And the seven 'zingy' foodie moments are a combination of two and also a third type - travel food. For me travel is not just about visiting a new place, doing all the tourist-y things and shopping. A significant part of our travel plans are devoted to trying out the local flavors and learning new tastes. 

The seven 'zingy' moments include my experiments in the kitchen with Avocado soup and Thai green curry (I made this curry when my parents were here and they loved it! Best pat-on-the-back ever, I tell ya!), the best of my travel foodie memories via refreshing Kulhad koffee in Udaipur, gourmet Bhel-puri right here in DC and oh-so-delicious and fresh shrimp & crabs in Ocean city. Last but not the least the 'zingy' moments also include special delicacies (aka Tandoori Chicken) that hubby whipped up in the kitchen. He's a great cook but tad moody - when he is in 'the' mood, which is usually on the weekends and if Arsenal has won a matchhe will get into the kitchen and make something so perfect and elegant! On other days, I can hardly persuade him to step into the kitchen on weekdays to make the regular daal-sabji :)

I loved penning down these tried-and-tested recipes. But the high point was when some of you tried these recipes, loved it and shared the pics of the wonderful dish! Heck, it feels good when your readers appreciate and love what you shared with them :)

So, presenting the seven posts which, according to me, are full of flavor and 'zing' :) Take your pick and share it in the comments below or on Facebook or Twitter! (again, if one pic is not enough to decide, hop on over to the posts linked in the numbers below)

{1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7}


Unknown said...

1st one looks yum yum :)

Rupa said...

Am hungry...


Ayantika said...

This post is so yummy! :)

Bong's Belleza

Style-Delights said...

What a delicious post!! Congrats for the blogiversary!!Hope you are having a wonderful day!
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